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In the Wind

That makes Quinn's little dot disappear from Huck's GPS display, which he reports to Olivia. She realizes that Huck tortured Quinn (although he protests that he was following interrogation protocol since Quinn was working for Rowan and Charlie). Olivia knows that Quinn won't reach out to them now, so she orders Jake and Huck to go find her at B613. Aw, just let her go, Liv. She's outlived her usefulness.

As Rowan is driven away in his town car, he tries to call "Centcom" (I guess that's who he works for?). But before he gets far, his passage is cut off by two SUVs, and he's extracted and cuffed, and taken to one of what is apparently dozens of basement interrogation rooms in DC. He asks what this is, and Fitz walks in and announces that Rowan will be staying there until Maya Pope's plane lands and she's hidden somewhere that even he can't find her. Fitz sits down and says that since they have free time, they could have a little talk. Fitz is the President, so it's amusing to me to see him always one step behind Olivia and Rowan and everyone else in terms of information. Also, as President, should he have SO MUCH free time? He's always running off and trying to deal with Olivia's problems. Shouldn't he have legislation to sign or congress people to meet with or judges to appoint or foreign leaders to dine with? Or he could, you know, pay attention to his children once in a while.

Fitz unleashes a barrage of questions for Rowan: Why have him shoot down the plane? Why keep Maya in prison for twenty-two years? Why lie to Olivia and say her mother was dead? Rowan will only respond, "That's a matter of national security and it's above your pay grade, Mr. President." In other words, put your dick away, because mine is bigger, so let's call off this charade of a contest right now.

Quinn marches purposefully down a hallway with Charlie behind her, but before she can even make up a decent lie (she is also a terrible spy), Charlie says that they have a client. It's Sally! Charlie and Quinn have been hired to clean up Daniel Douglas's murder scene. Meanwhile, Cyrus tells Sally their cover story – that Daniel Douglas died of a heart attack. Sally thinks that she should face justice, but Cyrus argues that she only need ask Jesus for forgiveness and then go on to serve her flock by eventually becoming President. He begs Sally to give him her sin and let him clean this up. Sally gives the barest of nods.

Abby and Harrison meet David Rosen as he walks into his office for the day. They're interrupted by a young woman named Shelby Ross, but Abby smoothly dismisses her and follows David into his office. Once inside, she reminds him how she asked him to get their innocent client off the no-fly list, and says that now maybe that client is not so innocent. David goes on a long diatribe about how Abby is his girlfriend and he puts parts of his body inside parts of her body (I think we all know what girlfriend means, and also, gross). Harrison is suitably disgusted. David just asks for a little honesty and professional courtesy. Abby says she just wants to see Marie Wallace's case file, and David hesitates for one second before agreeing to e-mail it to her. I am starting to hate their relationship. I used to root for them to get together, but if Abby keeps using their relationship as leverage to get stuff, it's going to get even more annoying.

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