A Door Marked Exit

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In the Wind

Cyrus walks into the Veep's residence after greeting the two Secret Service agents stationed outside. As he surveys Sally's handiwork, Sally mechanically chants, "The devil came in. The devil came in. He made me do this." As Sally continues creepily talking about how she judged her husband and only God can judge him, Cyrus flashes back to exactly how he set this scene up to happen, from realizing that DD was gay, to putting James in a compromising position, to showing Sally the photos. So Cyrus pukes in the bathroom, and we get to see the puke in all of its, well, not glory. He swallows some water from the sink and then stares at himself in the mirror, his eyes revealing that he's just now realizing the enormity of what's happened.

Liva and the gladiators are back at OPA. Liv orders them to find the file on Marie Wallace so that they can have her arrested when she lands in Hong Kong in twelve hours. Once Abby and Harrison leave, Liv asks Huck where Quinn is. Huck stares at a map on his laptop screen and says that Quinn is at B613, and she's still moving, so she's alive. Liv seems surprised that Huck put a tracking device on her. Why is Liv surprised by anything Huck does at this point? We flashback to Huck shoving a tracking device in Quinn's tooth hole, although she promises she won't run. Huck is a terrible spy. You never tell the person that you've installed a tracking device, much less exactly where it's located. Come on, dude. That's spy 101.

Meanwhile, Quinn is making her deal with Rowan. She gets the tape of her killing the security guard, and she will tell them about Maya/Marie. I'm going to go with Marie, for the same reasons I go with Rowan. Anyway, Quinn prepares to stick her deadly syringe in Rowan's hand, but just as she's about to stab, a goon comes in and tells Rowan that they tracked Marie to a small airstrip. Rowan tells Quinn that her information is now invalid, so the deal's off. After he walks out, Charlie tells Quinn that the upside is that Rowan didn't make Charlie kill her. Yes, that seems like cause for celebration.

Quinn goes into the bathroom alone (seriously, Charlie is the worst kidnapper ever because he lets her go places alone all the time!). She can't find an alternate exit, so she takes the battery out of her cell phone and dumps it along with the syringe into the toilet. That must be one powerful toilet if it will suck down a syringe AND a cell phone battery. Mine clogs up if my kids put in too much toilet paper. Then she dismantles a paper towel dispenser and uses a long thin rod to pry the tracking device out of her tooth socket. That hurt to watch! She dumps the tracking device into the toilet too and flushes everything.

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