A Door Marked Exit

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In the Wind

Cyrus and James lay awkwardly side by side in the smallest bed ever. At first, I thought they pushed two twins together. Is that even a full? Can't Cyrus afford a nicer bed? Anyway, James says that he wants to be named White House Press Secretary. If Cyrus does that, James will stay. Cyrus asks if James will still love him, and James sighs and says, "Don't push it." Cyrus agrees to the deal. Why would James want to be Press Secretary? That seems like the worst job. I guess you get a lot of TV time. And James will be terrible at it, given how poorly he ad-libbed in the times we've seen him conduct interviews.

Olivia is drinking more wine at home in her white pajamas when her phone chirps again. She answers, and it's Marie, wearing the most fantastic leather gloves and white coat. I guess we know where Liv got her fashion sense. Liv wants to know where her mother is, and Marie says she just wanted to hear Olivia's voice, and she'll see her real soon." Marie tosses the phone in a nearby garbage can (she learned about burners real fast) and then struts off, and we see she's standing in front of the White House. Wow. I have NO idea what will happen when the show returns in February, but I can't wait.

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