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As part of her introduction to tonight's show, Brooke asks, "How do you fit ten great rock anthems into just one electrifying hour? Well, you don't mess around." Also, you slash them down to two minutes and thus drain them of almost any anthemic qualities, as we shall see quite shortly. But first, Brooke introduces the Supernovices, Supernova, and Dave, as usual. Then she throws us right into this week's Mansion footage, saying it's been "an emotional week for Magni." The Iceman? How can that be?

Mansion. Everyone's hanging out in the courtyard as Brooke voiceovers that Magni got "a special delivery from Iceland." He gets up from the table and runs over to where his wife/girlfriend has just arrived on the premises and is carrying their quite adorable baby over. Nice of Magni to pick them up at the airport -- not. The other Supernovices get up and applaud the little reunion, which I still can't believe they didn't blindside Magni with onstage last week. Magni interviews that this is the best thing that's happened to him in the past five weeks. The kid's got visibly more teeth, hair, and height than the last time Magni saw him. And of course more hair than Magni himself. I can't even imagine my kid growing that much in my absence. That would suck even worse than being bald. Ryan asks the kid how the airplane was, and is answered with a cute preverbal grunt. The Supernovices laugh. Toby interviews that this is great motivation for Magni, who is, after all, doing this for his family. Which suggests to me that fronting a top ten rock band in Iceland doesn't pay as well as I might of thought. Maybe not even much better than fronting one of the other four.

Elsewhere around the Mansion, we see other Supernovices prepping for the performance show: Ryan tunes, Jill strums, Toby writes, Storm jogs, Patrice practices, and Zayra sits in the garden, probably sketching her next outfit. Yeah, about that. Zayra explains in an interview that the crazy outfits are for no one but Zayra: "I want to wow myself. And if people get wowed by it, perfect." If by "wow" she means "humiliate." Meanwhile, Lukas is committed to digging himself out of his Hole from last week. We see him practicing Radiohead's "Creep" and accompanying himself on electric guitar in a music room. He interviews that he plans to show a different side of his voice: "This week, it's on, baby." By which he of course means, "If I don't get the encore, I'ma jump up and choke a bitch."

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