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Nyah, Nyah, Dilana
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Brooke welcomes us to "Fan Selection Night." Wow, which of us will be chosen? Oh, never mind. What it means is that "you, the fans" (don't look at me, lady) chose the songs for the Supernovices to sing. She reminds us that the selection of a new lead singer for Supernova is just two weeks off. Can't wait. Clearly, neither can the remaining half-dozen in the Nut Gallery: Magni, Toby, Storm, Ryan, Dilana, and Lukas. Brooke also introduces Supernova and Dave, and gets right down to business. Which is, still, the way that Dilana shot off her stupid mouth last week. Dilana sits front and center in the Nut Gallery, looking blank and shell shocked from behind raccooned-out eye sockets. Like she survived the Holocaust instead of a bad week on a reality show.

We get a quick recap of Dilana's ill-advised comments during the press clinic before last week's shows, Dave's criticism thereof, and Dilana's rather defensive "apology" during the elimination show. And then we're in the Mansion at the post-elimination dinner. Much smaller table in there now, which only makes the dining room look more cavernous. Storm tries to break the tension by proposing a toast to "Dilana's first spanking" (she does love that word, doesn't she?), but Dilana only wants to ratchet it up higher by continuing to pout. "I feel like everything I say is taken the wrong way anyway," she whines. Toby shakes his head in annoyance, like he's thinking, So when you called me a poseur, you meant it as a compliment? Dilana interviews how bad she felt, and then we're back at dinner, where Ryan is self-righteously lecturing her about how he won't shit-talk people because he has to sleep with himself at night. I believe that last part, despite what Ryan told Dave last week. Why do you think so many of us recappers are married? Dilana sullenly attempts the excuse that she thought it was just for practice. Lukas declines to give her any slack, and then in an interview claims to wish that he could take it back for her, because of what Dilana's going through now. You'd almost believe it, too, until he glances away to conceal a smug glint in his eye. Back at dinner, Dilana says that she'll need some time while Storm comforts her. See, this is what irritates me the most about this situation: Dilana tried to screw everyone over, it blew up in her face, and now she pouts and expects everyone to go out of their way to make her feel better about it.

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