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Brooke's introduction tonight is even more uncomfortable than usual, but that's because she's standing on an awkwardly-staged spot at Jason's end of the judges' dais, flanked by the members of Supernova. It's disorienting, but I guess that's rock & roll. Brooke says that a lead singer will be chosen for the band in three weeks, and the audience applauds the remaining seven residents of the Nut Gallery. Those guys get more personal space up there every week. Which, as we'll see tomorrow, is a good thing, if only for their own safety. Brooke teases us with some reference to how we can get tickets to Supernova's world tour, but first, she brings up Supernova's liver performance last week with Dilana. Everyone congratulates each other on that, and then we're into the previouslies. Dilana sang with Supernova while Lukas looked on enviously. "I would have loved to be up there," Lukas interviews. Storm admits in an interview of her own that she was jealous, but also excited for Dilana. Who gloaterviews, "It was the debut of Dilana and Supernova as one, and now I can't imagine anyone else fronting the band." Which would explain why she spends the rest of this week acting like she already won.

Then it's song selection time back at the Mansion, and the Supernovices learn that there are not one, but two slots for original songs this week. And after the spanking they got last week, everyone wants to do their original song this time around. Storm, in particular, is more adamant than I've ever seen her. Not only is she towering over everyone at the head of the table where the rest of them are seated, she is willing to literally throw some punches for the chance to perform her original song. "I'll put on gloves and fight," she announces, in all seriousness. The folks in the auditorium whoop at that. Patrice says that she'll "stand up on [her] two feet all night long." Not if Storm starts hitting her, she won't. She clarifies, "And not eat and not sleep for an original song." Magni plays the peacemaker, saying that since Patrice has been in the bottom three the most times, she should get the chance to do an original: "She earned it." Magni's English is pretty good, so I have to assume his choice of "earned" rather than "desperately needs" is intentional. Either way, everyone agrees.

Then it's down to Ryan and Storm for the last one. Storm is still all over boxing for it, but Ryan's like, "I'm not gonna box you for the song." Storm's kind of offended at what she sees as Ryan's misguided chivalry, even though it's clear to everyone else -- including Ryan -- that he just doesn't want to get his ass kicked. Which he would. Magni tries to apply the bottom-three test again, and Ryan comes out ahead there. Presumably Magni took himself out of the running, because he, Ryan, and Patrice are the only ones still there who have ever been in the bottom three at all. And then Storm starts finding herself drawn to the song that nobody else wants to do, which in this case is "Cryin'" by Aerosmith. Which I'm pretty sure also has a key change, so she eventually folds and tells Ryan, "You better kill it." Ryan interviews that Zayra went home after doing her original, so he's taking the same risk. With his sweatshirt hood up for some reason, he explains that he thinks his song is one "that Supernova can be part of." Generous of him. Supernova will be so relieved.

With that settled, there are still five covers to divvy up, and Dilana says that she wants "Every Breath You Take." "That's the one I want," Toby claims, all wide-eyed innocence. "Run around the pool naked," he tells Dilana. "I did it for you last week." Dilana just looks back at him, trying to show some bravado by smiling. It doesn't work. And of course, even if she doesn't want the song that badly, it's not like she can back down, because Dave and Supernova will thump her for that. She's trapped. Well played, Toby.

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