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Shout out this week to Supernova. Not the band on the show, but the Orange County punk band with the same name who are suing them for trademark infringement. From what I hear, Butch Walker didn't exactly help our guys' case much. Of course, they don't mention the lawsuit on the air this week, but I have a theory as to why we haven't seen or heard from Butch since the first episode.


Brooke's in an orange formal this week, because now that the nominations have come out she figures there's no point saving it for the Emmys. She introduces the show and points out the remaining fourteen Supernovices in what was formerly the Peanut Gallery. And which is now simply the Nut Gallery (shout-out to stlouischili). She introduces the show, the guys from Supernova (already seated), and Dave (also already seated), and gives a quick recap of how Matt got booted. We get a short clip of Matt's elimination, and then we're back. Tommy, wearing his sunglasses inside, mock-laments his position as "Hatchet Guy," and says that he was "so sad to let Matt go." Gilby warns the finalists that they went easy on them last week, and then he cackles a little as Tommy agrees. Gilby tells them not to take anything personally; they're just looking for the best singer. Jason just tells everyone to do their best, and Dave kicks it back to Brooke.

So we're not even two minutes in, and Brooke is already introducing Magni. Where's the filler? I guess with two-thirds of the time they had last week and fourteen-fifteenths of the singers to get through, they have to keep things moving. No monterviews this time around, either, which is good because they're a pain in the ass to recap. Regarding Magni's performance last week, Brooke reminds us of Dave's "Vegas" judgment, and remarks that Magni hopes that "what sounds like Vegas, stays in Vegas." I think using a joke is required by law every time the subject comes up. Like last week, tonight's performances kick off with a Who song. Between this show and all the CSIs, CBS is turning into the Pete Townshend network or something. Magni's doing "My Generation," even though his generation is at least two removed from the one this song is about. He sounds fine, wisely omitting the stuttering in the original, but the House Band sounds fucking great, with the backing vocals and half of the bass solo that makes me wish they had time for all of it. The crowd loves it. Jason tells Magni that his experience in "Ice Land" is showing through here, which is good. Tommy: "I thought it was a little ho-hum. And I liked the ho; just needed a little more hum." "Okay, man," Magni says, clearly not understanding what Tommy's talking about, and very much not alone. Who'da thunk Tommy would end up being both the Trump and the Paula?

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