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Brooke's all dolled up tonight in a raggedy dress she whipped up from someone's abandoned prison stripes as she tells us that Supernova will choose their lead singer one week from tomorrow night. And a few days after that, I'll turn in my last recap of this show and take a very long nap. "Give it up for our final five," she says, as Magni, Toby, Dilana, Storm, and Lukas wave to the crowd. Brooke also introduces Supernova and Dave. And then she tells us that apparently getting booted off the show last week was the best thing that ever happened to Ryan, because his original solo songs are burning up the download charts already. Okay, one chart, and it's on Still, nice elimination choice, Supernova. Brooke says that there will be four Supernovices in the finale, so the pressure's on. Not as much as if tonight promised a double elimination, but I guess she has to say something.

Flashback to last week, when Dilana forgot the words to "Psycho Killer." She later interviews that the thinks she just mumbled the first two lines. At the post-show dinner, she's also beating herself up about it, while the other four are just so over her and her self-flagellating dramatics. She calls it "the worst performance of my life."

The next day, they all headed to a songwriting clinic with Gilby. "We rolled down to [product-placed guitar company] in those [product-placed vehicles]," Lukas sells out in an interview. Then we see Gilby and Toby sitting on a sectional sofa, Gilby with his guitar and Toby holding a microphone and singing. That seems like overkill for what amounts to two guys sitting in a living room. Gilby digs what Toby's done, and later interviews that Toby has a certain energy that Supernova needs (translation: we need a singer who doesn't have a subscription to Modern Maturity). Lukas, on the other hand, didn't do his homework, and we see him flipping through his notebook. Gilby interviews that Lukas slacked off because he knew he could get away with it. Don't worry, Gilby; I'm sure he'd never do that on a bottom three night. As for Dilana, she's decided to write a song about the crappy last couple of weeks she's had, thanks in part to you people. And me, I suppose. "Making judgments without cause" is one of the lines she sings. She interviews that it's about the "fans who vote for us on the internet. It's basically a 'fuck you' kind of song." Swell idea. That'll stop the fans voting for you for sure, and then you won't have that problem any more. Gilby's not impressed either, and he interviews that Dilana seems to have a literal streak and a limited imagination when it comes to lyrics: "If you're not bringing anything, what the hell do I need you for?" Wow, harsh. Sounds like we can add Gilby to the list of people who are over Dilana. I'll go this way and let you know when I reach the end of the line.

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