What We Have Is Worth The Pain

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I'm Taking A Bullet For You...

Henry's sitting at home, ignoring Bridget's texts when Shiv returns, saying, "If [Andrew] doesn't want to kill [Bridget-as-Shiv] now, he never will." She sits on the couch and opens her coat. Henry places his hand on her sizable baby bump. I can only hope Andrew noticed it, too (although it wasn't noticeable in the scene). Henry kisses Shiv. We cut to...

Olivia. She's in the back of her limo, yelling into the phone that whoever she's talking to isn't listening. "Siobhan's going to blow the lid off of everything. I need to get out of town while there's still a chance. It's over for Martin/Charles. There's nothing you can do." I have a brief fantasy that Olivia in in cahoots with Catherine, but I'll keep it to myself.

Bridget is fed up waiting for Henry. She and Sol are ready to set off for points unknown when Bridget gets a new text. It reads: "GOT NEW PHONE. IN TROUBLE. CAN'T GO IT ALONE. MEET ME AT LOFT IN 1 HOUR. -- MALCOLM." Solomon says they'd better stop at his place and get a gun first, just to play it safe.

Buffy: Those things? Never helpful.

Recapper: Um, it's different outside Sunnydale, B. Anyhow, just then, a tearful Juliet arrives home. Bridget tells Solomon to get the car and she'll join him in a minute. Once the women are alone, Juliet asks if Bridget-as-Shiv is coming back. She says she isn't. She just had to do something. Juliet tells her to go if she is busy. Bridget explains that she got a text from Malcolm and thinks he needs help. Bridget tries to get Juliet to talk, but Juliet says they can talk about it later -- maybe plan a trip to the beach house, to get away from everything. They hug. Aw.

Bridget calls out for Malcolm as she and Solomon enter the dark loft. Sol runs upstairs to check the terrace roof access. Once Bridget is alone, Andrew appears. After we return from commercial Bridget asks how Andrew knew where to find her. He says Juliet told him she got a text from Malcolm. Bridget cowers. "Solomon is on the roof." Andrew says that's fine. Bridget then accuses Andrew of sending the fake Malcolm text. "I won't let you hurt me." Andrew says, "Hurt you? Why would I hurt you? I love you, Siobhan. That's what I came to tell you. I don't care how much you hate me right now. I'll accept it, because I believe what we have is worth the pain."

Buffy: I thought the kid gets to say the episode titles.

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