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I'm Taking A Bullet For You...

In the Park Ave apartment, Bridget is worried Solomon will reveal her secrets. He pretty much says he doesn't care which Siobhan Martin writes his checks, so long as they keep coming. As he sees it, he has an interest in keeping Bridget alive. Just then, Bridget gets a text from Henry. He apologizes for yesterday and says he need to talk to her about Tyler Barrett. He'll be at her apartment in an hour.

Juliet's at some coffee bar when she gets a text from Rude Guy. His handle is Cash4Ever. She's texting back and forth with him when Tessa Troublemaker comes in. She still looks beat up, but at least she's out of that coma. Juliet shows Tessa Cash Chilton's webpage, with a giant picture of him on it, looking like an utter dork. Tessa immediately recognizes his tattoo. Cash is her attacker. Yawn.

Juliet rushes to Cattie's hotel room and starts packing up her mother's thing as she explains they're in danger from Cash, but then she notices the hole in the wall, right behind Catherine's head. She flashes back to Cash telling her how his boss pissed him off, so he punched a hole in the wall. Juliet freaks when she realizes Catherine was behind the attack on Tessa. Catherine explains she only paid Cash to scare Tessa, but "that idiot" took it up a notch, so she only gave him half his fee. Juliet accuses her mother of doing it to get Tessa's share of the money. Cattie says if Tessa kept going through money like water, the cops would have taken them all down. Juliet tells Catherine she hates her and never wants to see her again, but c'mon, that's probably not a first between these two. As she leaves though, Juliet utters the words previously least likely to cross her lips: "I wish Siobhan was my mother."

Andrew is still at work. He leaves Juliet a voicemail saying he's been thinking about what she said that morning. He's going to do everything possible to work out things with Shiv. Just then, Siobhan (real Siobhan) arrives, pretending to be Bridget, pretending to be Shiv, so let's call her Shiv-as-Bridget-as-Shiv. She asks how he had Tyler Barrett murdered.

We cut to Park Ave. Solomon and Bridget are still waiting for Henry, who is never going to show. He's just keeping Bridget occupied, while Shiv-as-Bridget-as-Shiv confronts Andrew. Tool Belt.

Back at Martin/Charles, Shiv-as-Bridget-as-Shiv gives poor Andrew an earful. "I can't continue living this lie, anymore, and I certainly don't like the person I've become these last few months." When Andrew says he doesn't understand, Shiv says, "I don't love you anymore, Andrew. I don't even like you. Is that clear enough for you? I've tried to make peace with the man you are, but there's no way to do that. You and your business partner are criminals and you both deserve to be in jail." When she turns to walk away, she indulges in an evil smile. Hiding behind a corner in Andrew's office, Olivia has heard every word.

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