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I'm Taking A Bullet For You...

Back at Park Ave, I think, Bridget and Sol watch the footage. Bridget is chilled to see Andrew at Malcolm's door and berates herself for being so stupid to trust Andrew when there's been so much evidence all along pointing to him being a murderer. I'll spare you the flashes. Solomon tells her to end the charade now and go to the police. Bridget says she can't. Solomon knows why -- she can't go, because she's not Siobhan Martin; she's Bridget Kelly. FINALLY something happened in this episode. Finally!

Because this episode wouldn't exist without exposition, Solomon explains how he knows Bridget is Bridget. She asked such weird questions when she first got in touch with him, and no longer seemed to suffer from carsickness (apparently Shiv couldn't text, or the like -- she had to look straight ahead) so he did some snooping around, took prints off a drinking glass and figured it out.

Siobhan calls Henry who is tired of her incessant calls about the flash drives, but SURPRISE, she's calling from INSIDE THE HOUSE. Okay, just outside. Henry lets her in, but tells her she has to "straight shoot" with him about everything. Poor Tool Belt, out here in the world, while a person is a straight shooter, what that straight shooter does is shoot straight. Shiv admits she slept with Tyler, but swears it was only to get him to help uncover the Ponzi scheme. Henry can't understand what is so important to her that she was willing to destroy their relationship and set up her own sister -- to die. Siobhan says, "Bridget killed my son." And, no she did not, but I hit that in the recaplet.

Back at the FBI Office, Guyliner exposits to a skeptical Agent Handsome about Andrew. Someone brings Guyliner a New York police report, from which he learns Tyler Boytoy had an SEC immunity agreement, because he was ready to blow the whistle on Martin/Charles.

At Gramercy Park West, Shiv tells Henry that when she lost Sean, she lost everything. She admits she set up the identity swap once she realized Andrew was planning to kill her. She admits paying Officer Jimmy to encourage and allow Bridget to run off. She finally admits to faking her own death. She wanted Andrew to kill Bridget -- thinking she was Shiv. This would give her time to collect evidence about the Ponzi scheme. She knew Bridget would step into her shoes, because she was so desperate. When Henry can't get past that Shiv was willing to let Bridget die, Shiv says, "She deserves it, for what she did to Sean, and what she did to Gemma." She plays the Andrew-fear card some more, and the I'm-having-your-twins card again, and begs Henry for the happiness she deserves. Oh yes, TV Powers That Be, please let Siobhan get what she deserves.

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