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I'm Taking A Bullet For You...

Buffy: Is that a First Evil reference?

Recapper: I wish. But nope, he just means Malcolm's hotel.

Over at the FBI Office, Agent Handsome has no information for Guyliner, except that his last known place of employment was Martin/Charles Financial. When Guyliner arrives at the office, he thanks Andrew and the Vampiress for coming in on their day off. He asks questions about Malcolm -- most importantly -- when they last saw him. Olivia says it was the day he was fired. Andrew stupidly lies that the same is true for him. Olivia digs up Malcolm's address for Guyliner. He hopes that once he knows where Mal was living, he can find a witness, physical evidence or security camera footage. Andrew needs to change his pants right about now. We flashback to Andrew's visit to Malcolm's room for but a second. Back in the present, Andrew gulps as we cut to commercial.

After the break, Bridget distracts the desk clerk at Malcolm's motel, while Solomon steals the security camera footage.

Juliet goes to visit her mother, and has to endure the stupidest scene I've ever seen on this show. She pushes the elevator button. A guy comes up from behind her, and pulls her iPod earbuds out of her ears. She turns to him. "That was rude." Rude Guy says, "Took the words right out of my mouth. Why don't you pop those out and participate?" Participate in what? This is so contrived, and poorly contrived at that. I don't even want to bother you with it.

Buffy: Okay, look, here's what you need to know. This guy is being an utter asshole, so that makes Juliet like him, because she's cookie dough. She's not done baking yet. The camera makes sure to focus on his tattoo, so expect that to matter, before the end of the episode. It also focuses on his bleeding knuckles, and I'm not being British-y with that 'bleeding' business. They're torn up. Rude Guy says he got mad at his boss and punched a hole in her wall. Juliet declares that "awesome," shows him her phone, I guess so he can memorize her digits and learn her name.

Recapper: Catherine takes Juliet for lunch and presents her with a pair of diamond earrings to wear at She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and Andrew's vow renewal, and tells the kid to make sure Daddy knows Mommy got her the earrings. Juliet says the vow renewal is looking less likely. Cattie can't wait to hear the gossip.

Guyliner gets to Malcolm's motel. The desk clerk can't give him the security footage, because it's missing. He found out when some British guy came in earlier, looking for it. See, people. Andrew is no criminal mastermind.

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