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I'm Taking A Bullet For You...

At the New York bureau, Agent Handsome informs Guyliner that Malcolm has gone missing. They're already checking on his phone, bank and credit card activity. Agent Handsome suggests that maybe Mal just got cold feet.

Buffy: I really think Guyliner is ready to cry.

Recapper: Wouldn't you cry, if you were in this show, Buffy?

Buffy: I just died twice.

Recapper: Oh, sorry, honey. Anyhow, Bridget and Solomon have tracked Malcolm to an abandoned building/drug den.

Buffy: All right, why does she not have a stake? She's walking -- unarmed -- into a classic example of a vampire nest. Nice Me, why are you so unprepared?

Recapper: She doesn't know about vampires, Buffy.

Buffy: Bull. She's met Olivia.

Recapper: Point taken, B. Hey, Bridget, you should have a stake!

Buffy: Why isn't Nice Me listening to you?

Recapper: I don't know, but you never have, girl.

Solomon proceeds down a dangerous-looking staircase. He tells Bridget to wait, but she wants to go with him. He acquiesces, but then she doesn't follow him until he gets to the bottom and gives her the all-clear. Before she can head down the steps, someone grabs Bridget from behind. "You got money, bitch?"

Buffy: Why isn't Nice Me beating him to a bloody pulp?

Recapper: She doesn't remember she's a slayer, Buff.

Buffy: Oh no. Did Willow do another Tabula Rasa spell?

Willow: Hey, don't look at me, I'm too busy sitting through what feels like the 21st season of HIMYM these days to do much else. Besides, even when you thought you were just Joan, your slayer strength kicked in, when you were under attack.

Buffy: Do you think Giles drugged Nice Me, with that Crucifictorious serum?

Giles: It's cruciamentum, Buffy, and I'll have you know I've done no such thing. That said, apparently Nice You has quite the checkered past. Perhaps she inadvertently got ahold of some, as they say, bad shit.

Recapper: Yeah, like the plot of this episode. Anyhow, Solomon saves Bridget and beats the stuffing out of the assailant. They walk off, leaving him lying on the floor. Poor mugger doesn't even get a name. I think I shall call him Plot Point to Make Bridget At Least Think She Can Trust Solomon, or PPtMBALTSCTS, for short.

Anyhow, as Bridget and Solomon continue through the drug den, Bridget calls Mal's cell again. They hear it ringing and find it, but not Malcolm. Some poor junkie has the phone and claims he found it in a dumpster behind the car wash. Solomon says they should go back to the beginning

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