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I'm Taking A Bullet For You...

Recapper: It's daytime, by the way. Out in the car, Solomon asks Bridget if she found the phone. She says someone must have taken it. That phone was her only insurance policy. "Tyler Barrett knew about the Ponzi scheme and now he's dead. Without that phone, there's nothing to stop the hit man from coming after me again." Title card.

Buffy: Oh, look, The Vampire Diaries comes back Thursday night. Nummy Salvatore. I'd hit that.

Recapper: Which one?

Buffy: Which one is more likely to go completely evil after sleeping with me?

Recapper: It's a tossup. Let's get back to Ringer, though. It's daytime in Why-Oh-Why Wyoming outside Club Caged. Two strippers are making out, against a parked car, as Guyliner watches. Oh wait, that's not two strippers; it's Bodaway Macawi and a stripper. Macawi walks over to Guyliner's car. Guyliner thinks he's soon going to have all the evidence he needs to lock up Macawi, so he's a little too cocky. Poor old Guyliner. He's wax rhapsodic about his coffee. When Macawi asks if he found Bridget Kelly yet, Guyliner laughs that he's not even looking for Bridget anymore. He just wanted a last look at Macawi's club before Macawi is nailed and the building gets turned into a doggy-daycare or something. Heh. He soon leaves to catch his flight to New York.

Solomon is still driving Bridget around as she places another call to Malcolm's voice mail. When Solomon comments that they're flying blind, Bridget remembers the tracking application Malcolm installed on their phones. She uses it and seems surprised by Mal's location.

Olivia is at Park Ave. where Andrew informs her that Bridget-as-Shiv was truly clueless when he mentioned the flash drive. She taunts him about being a lovesick school boy. Andrew grabs her arm. "Oh, enough. Save it for someone who still runs at the sound of your bleating." That was some delicious cheese. He orders her to find the flash drive. She thinks he's wrong and that Shiv is the one who has it.

When Olivia takes off -- presumably for her crypt -- Juliet calls out for Andrew. He didn't even realize it was Saturday, so is surprised she's home. When she finds out he and Bridget-as-Shiv are still fighting, she's sweet and sympathetic. She reminds him how she used to say they didn't need Siobhan. "I was wrong. We do need Siobhan. I can't believe I'm saying this, but she makes us better." When Andrew agrees, Juliet tells him to undo whatever he did to make her leave, or suggests he pull a Hot Tub Time Machine/Say Anything shout-out, and stand outside her hotel with a boom box over his head, as he begs for a second chance. Andrew says it's not that easy. He's Welsh, see, so it's probably not a cultural touchstone for him, but Andrew dear, if it worked for John Cusack, it could work for you. Nice Buffy is an easy touch.

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