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I'm Taking A Bullet For You...

Buffy-Bot: We're very pretty.

Buffy: Shiv tells Henry that she hired a PI who discovered someone was following her -- a hit-man. The PI broke into the hit-man's apartment and found it covered with surveillance photos of Siobhan. I'm surprised she didn't take that as an invitation to live with him. Maybe they weren't large and loom-y enough. Anyhow, two days before Shiv switched places with Bridget, the PI took pictures of the hit-man outside the loft. Mean Me tells Tool Belt that Andrew and Olivia (and I can confirm she's a vampire) killed Tyler for the flash drive and they won't stop there.

Recapper: It's a dark and stormy night back in Manhattan. Andrew and Vampiress Olivia are working late reviewing the files on Ty's flash drive, which have turned out to be gibberish. Andrew wonders if Ty ever truly had the files. Olivia reminds Andrew that the SEC offered Tyler immunity. They never would have done so unless he had something substantial. Andrew asks if someone could have switched drives before Olivia got to Tyler. She doesn't know. When he left her limo, he ran right back to his room, but she wasn't far behind. She wonders who else knew why Tyler was in NYC. Andrew suggests Malcolm, but Olivia points out Malcolm never accessed personnel files, so Tyler's name wouldn't mean anything to him -- but it would to Siobhan. Andrew says Olivia's being ridiculous. Olivia tells him that if Siobhan has Tyler's flash drive, Andrew better deal with Shiv, severely. So, do you think Olivia has the real flash drive and is just trying to manipulate Andrew? I guess Olivia's final scene in this episode makes that less likely, but I don't want to jump ahead.

Buffy: Good girl. The only way out is through. Soooooo, meanwhile, Bridget leaves another rambly message on Malcolm's voicemail. Poor Nice Me. We're very worried about our hottie sponsor. Next, Nice Me goes digging through our boots. We're looking for the dead hit man's cell phone, but don't find it. Andrew finds Bridget in their dressing room and informs her Tyler was killed at the Soho Diamond. He then says she's in over her head. He knows she and Tyler were planning to turn him in to the SEC. Bridget gives him our sincere face. "I already told you I wasn't." Andrew doesn't believe her. When she starts to leave, Andrew grabs her by the arm and demands to know where the flash drive is. Nice Me is all, "What are you talking about?" because she really doesn't know what he's talking about. I wish she wouldn't let him manhandle her, though. Throw him through a wall, Nice Me! You can always apologize later. When Andrew accuses Bridget of playing him, she tells him she's going back to her hotel. Nice Me is too nice.

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