What We Have Is Worth The Pain

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I'm Taking A Bullet For You...
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Buffy: Cindy. Cindy! What are you doing in bed? You've got a deadline.

Recapper: My back's bothering me, B.

Buffy: Your back has been bothering you for months. Get up and get cracking. The hardest thing in this world is to live in it.

Recapper: The hardest thing with this episode is to rewatch it in order to write about it. Please don't make me, Buffy. I can't.

Buffy: Of course you can. There are two of me in it. Doesn't that mean double the fun?

Recapper: Well, I thought it would, but this week, not so much.

Buffy: Come on. Your kids only have a half day today. If you don't write it now, you'll never get it done. I'll help you. You start. I'll get you a cup of coffee and a pill.

Recapper: I wish I had your supernaturally fast healing ability, but that'll do for now. Thanks. Okay, so, Siobhan stands in front of an obvious green screen which is standing in for Paris at night. She calls Henry "Tool Belt" Butler, back in NYC. When she tells him she got Tyler to change his mind and return to Paris, instead of going to the SEC, Tool Belt informs Shiv that Tyler is dead, and the flash drive is gone. Shiv, loves a good I told you so moment, so she reminds Henry that she said Andrew and Olivia would kill to protect their dirty secrets. We flash back to...

Six months ago in Manhattan. Andrew yells at Siobhan that she has no proof Martin/Charles is dealing dirty. She mentions Wesson Accounting. Andrew calls her a conniving bitch and gets vaguely threatening, so Shiv ups the stakes and asks Andrew what he'll do to her. Andrew says, "I'll kill you. I mean it, Siobhan. I'll see you dead." This is the first flashback I don't believe, and when I don't believe flashbacks, I feel like my time is wasted. Maybe this all went down, but right now I feel like it's just another lie Shiv is selling to Henry.

Henry's still on the phone with her when the flashback ends and she reminds him what she showed him in the safe deposit box. We flashback two weeks. Henry and Siobhan are at the bank. He's listening to the recording, but this time, we get to hear it, too. Andrew's voice says, "I'll kill you. I mean it, Siobhan. I'll see you dead." If it seems like I'm repeating myself, it's only because I am. Buffy, save me. I can't...

Buffy: Okay, I've got this. So we're still in that two week flashback. Mean Me takes out an envelope that contains photos of ourself, because Mean Me loves nothing better than pictures of ourself.

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