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Beer Bad, Blood Badder

Alone, Bridget sits down and takes a breather, but then Gemma walks back in and apologizes for ruining her party. Bridget tries to get Gemma to see the brighter side. "Don't worry. I think you gave everyone something to talk about." She asks Gemma if she's okay, as if they're really friends. Gemma says she's not. "Not really. I'm a disaster." Bridget: "Gemma, if Henry makes you this unhappy, why don't you just leave him?" Gemma says she can't. She still loves him even though she knows she shouldn't. She asks if she's pathetic. Bridget tells her no, she's just human and that she'll get through this. Gemma: "I know, with help from friends like you." Poor Gemma. Don't you already just love to hate Siobhan who've we've hardly seen?

Back at Park Ave., Andrew praises his wife for pulling off the night with aplomb. When she demurs, he says, "You know, it's been a long time since I've felt you were on my side, but tonight, it was like I had the old Siobhan back. Don't go away again." He puts his hand on her knee and they look in each other's eyes.

Cut to the bedroom. Bridget is on the opposite side of the bed from where she woke up the other morning, which seems curious to me. I don't know. Scott sleeps on the left (our left, if we're lying face up) and I sleep on the right, always, at least at home. When we've traveled sometimes we've mixed it up if one of us wanted to read or needed the bedside table for something, but at home, it never varies. That's the way it is for most people, isn't it? You pick a side? I don't know why that caught my eye. Anyhow, once Bridget knows Andrew is asleep, she sneaks out of bedroom and gets dressed. She texts Malcolm that she's on her way and creeps out of the dressing room and back past a seemingly still slumbering Andrew.

When she gets to the hallway, she hears Juliet getting sick in the bathroom. No stranger to prostrating oneself before the porcelain goddess, Bridget can't help but peek in on her sister's step-brat. "Juliet?" Juliet looks up from toilet bowl, mascara flowing down her face. "I took something at a bar and now I feel weird." She doesn't know what it was. "Some girl gave me a pill. I think it was orange." Bridget: "Do you want me to get your father?" Juliet cries: "No Siobhan, please. Daddy will kill me. Please." Bridget: "Okay. What do you want me to do?" Juliet sobs. "Just... don't leave." And we flashback to...

Tahoe bar, 9 years ago: Siobhan walks in and finds a very Cave-Slayer-looking Bridget, drinking coffee and complaining that she's going to be sick. She had too much to drink and Siobhan needs to pay her tab, because Bridget got fired. "And it's not my fault. My boss was a total dick." Shiv: "God, Bridget. I left a date because I thought you were in trouble. You said it was an emergency. Turns out you're just drunk and broke." Bridget says she's sorry, but Shiv argues that she's selfish. Bridget: "Come on, Shiv. I need you tonight." Shiv: "No you don't. You just need someone to clean up your mess and I am over it." She takes out some cash and hands it to Cave Twin. "Here, this is for your bar tab and your ride home." Bridget asks her sister not to leave, but she's already gone. She fondles the money and our flashback ends. Back to the...

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