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Beer Bad, Blood Badder
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I have a confession to make, gentle readers. I'm enjoying this show. It's my new guilty pleasure, but I have enough in my life for which I feel deserved guilt, so when the inconsequential Ringer-related guilt slithers up and tries to sucker punch me in the gut, I kick it in its pert, little Buffy-shaped bottom with my stylish, yet affordable boots, and tell it to get to the back of the line and expect a long wait, because right now? I'm having fun and I don't care who knows it. Wanna play with me?

The opening is different this week. We get the pilot shot of stylish Siobhan and slovenly Bridget standing in front of the infinite mirrors to give us infinite Buffies (YAY). There's text now and it reads: "This is the story of two Sisters" (yeah, that's their Pooh-case capitalization, not mine). It's replaced by: "who share the same Face." My dad was an identical twin, so I'm already laughing at the way this is phrased -- as if twins are all UP TO SOMETHING what with their capital-F Face-sharing and whatnot. Once the text disappears, there's a shot of Bridget at NA introducing herself. Sarah Michelle Gellar voiceover: "I witnessed a murder." Next is Agent Victor "I'm Really Richard Alpert" Machado reminding Bridget that all she has to do is get on the stand and tell the judge what she saw. SMG voice over: "You don't get it. If Bodaway wants me dead, I'm dead." Meanwhile, we see Native American Reservation Crime-Boss Bodaway Macawi and I don't want to add this character's name to my spellcheck, but I never feel like I've spelled it correctly. Oh, and he looks menacing. I should probably mention that. We watch Bridget store her Bridget-stuff in the bus station locker. SMG voice-over: "I ran to my sister Siobhan for help." There's a shot of Bridget doing her best Buffy boo-boo face, while Siobhan hugs her. Then we're on the boat, and Bridget's just woken up to find her sister gone. SMG voice over: "Siobhan killed herself and I assumed her identity." Clearly, Bridget isn't a reliable narrator. Meanwhile, Bridget is out on the Park Ave. terrace, calling her sponsor Malcolm to confess what she's done and that, "They all think I'm her." Next is a shot of Bridget getting all Siobhan-ny looking in front of the infinite mirrors. Next, the SMG voice over introduces the rest of the crew: "Her husband. Her lover. Her best friend. Her step-daughter." As Bridget is assaulted in the dark loft, SMG says that she thought she'd be safe. "I was wrong." Bridget shoots her assailant. SMG voice over: "There's a lot about Siobhan's life I don't know." Whew, I'm glad that's over. If they do a new opener (a la the Previouslies on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) each week, I don't know that I'll always break them down. This is only a Weecap, so don't get used to that, kids. Now, let's get to the new stuff, shall we?

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