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The Who Whatting How With Huh?
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So, I'm covering Once Upon A Time now, too. Two of the main characters are named Henry and Emma. When Ringer first started, I had the hardest time reminding my fingers they were supposed to type Gemma. After I finished my first OUAT write-up, I had to search for Gemma and replace it with Emma. I found something like 14 Gemmas where my Emmas should have been. They're doing this to make me crazy, aren't they? Well, they're too darned late. That said, if I type Emma in here, you know who I mean, right? I mean Not-Blossom. Anyhow...

Gramercy Park: Henry Butler may not be an official suspect in Gemma's disappearance, but he sure is a person of interest. As the search for Gemma heats up, he is hounded by the media. His statement? "Whoever did this? I want my wife back." Why didn't they take/silence/kill him instead? He's not just a tool, he's the entire tool belt, I tell you what.

Park Ave: Bridget sits and watches the news (in a brown, leather halter dress). When Andrew comes in, he reminds her that stress isn't any good for the baby. Bridget asks if they can hire a P.I. to help find Gemma. Andrew says that since Gemma's father is filthy rich and powerful, they can trust the cops are on it. He then reminds her of the Art Pavillion opening that's coming up. It's a project Gemma worked on for two years. Henry would like Andrew and "Shiv" to attend. He sees it as a tribute to Gemma.

Juliet enters with She-Cop and a uniformed officer in tow. Andrew's all Oh-Bother-What-Did-You-Do-Now, but it's just a coincidence that the cops came in with her. They want to question Bridget about Gemma's disappearance. While Bridget is in her room getting ready, Andrew gets all expectant-daddyish with the police and blusters, "My wife's pregnant. And she's been through a lot these past days. This had better be brief."

Bridget paces around her dressing room until she has an idea. She takes her old Bridget-Kelly flip phone out of a boot, and makes a call. "Hey, it's Bridget. I'm not sure what to say or how to explain, but I think I really messed up this time." This time? Bridget, if death was Buffy's gift, messing up is yours.

Back in the parlor, Juliet asks if she can spend the weekend with Monica Reynolds in Stamford. "I won't do anything wrong. I promise." Oh, that's reassuring. "You already banned me from seeing Erica. Can I at least have one friend?" After some hemming and hawing, Andrew agrees, but tells Juliet to have Erica's parents call him. Andrew my gullible love, you call the parents first, THEN you give your consent. Once Juliet is gone, She-Cop gets off the phone and tells Andrew they want to question him, too. It seems the last call Gemma made was to him. Andrew, his navy blazer, baby blue shirt and pretty pink tie are silently outraged, but Britishly cooperative.

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