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We pick up right where we left off last week, so I'm not sure Bridget has even been in New York for three weeks, yet. In the hospital, the doctor says Bridget probably fainted due to vasovagal syncope, so it's no big deal (I've fainted with just that thing, twice, and it's not). When the doctor starts the ultrasound, she has trouble finding the fetus. Doc says that's because it's no bigger than a bean. No Doc, it's because there is no bean. When the doctor finally catches up with the audience, Bridget lamely offers that she did have some spotting, which she assumed was normal. The doctor speculates about an ectopic pregnancy and then shuts off the monitor, offers her sympathy for the Martins' loss and leaves them alone.

Park Ave.: Bridget apologizes to Andrew for the miscarriage. Andrew comforts her and tells her it's not her fault. A sweet, quiet, concerned Juliet brings Bridget some tea and asks her if it hurts, and what it feels like. Bridget: "It doesn't feel like anything...except sad." As soon as Andrew and Juliet leave Bridget to rest, Malcolm calls and tells her he's in room 610 of the motor inn on 95th, and that he needs to see her. Once Andrew is asleep, Bridget sneaks out.

Motor Inn: Malcolm and Bridget hug. She thought he was dead. He thought so too. I was actively praying for his death, at some points. I hope now that he's in New York, his story won't bore me so. Mal tells Bridget that Macawi held him for a week. When he finally broke free, he led Macawi to Seattle, before sneaking off to New York. He seems sure he wasn't followed. Don't be so sure of anything on this show, Malcolm. He wants Bridget to leave New York with him. She says she can't because she threw "Bridget" under the bus, by making the cops believe Bridget is involved in Gemma's disappearance.

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