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What's With The Bangs, Buff?
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Welcome back, everyone. I hope you enjoyed the hiatus, even though it was three weeks longer than we were promised, when Ringer aired its "mid-season finale." Eyeballing the ratings, it seems, "Out of sight, out of mind," is the applicable cliché. I thought I would be thrilled to have Ringer back on my screen, but expecting it to return January 10, and then having to wait until January 31, sort of burst my soapy little bubble. I imagine network scheduling must be a nightmare on even the best days, but I do not understand the wisdom behind the choice to delay Ringer's return. It's a baby show, still finding its audience. Oh well, let's get right to it, shall we?

Park Ave, Day: Bridget, getting ready to shower, removes the boulder of a rock that Andrew gave her for his six year anniversary with Siobhan. She smiles as she carefully lays the ring on a clean, empty soap dish. She gets in the shower, but her hair is still up in a clip. My mother calls. "Why isn't that dirty thing washing her hair?" We debate this, and I point out the new, heavy bangs, and mention I think Sarah Michelle Gellar (SMG) is wearing a wig now, for her Bridget role. Mum isn't interested in metatextual decisions, and finally offers this fanwank: "Well, she has so much money now, she probably gets her hair done every day."

While Bridget is showering, Siobhan enters the bathroom. Don't worry, as I read (maybe on our boards, I can't remember) nobody living in the Park Ave pad has any peripheral vision. Bridget's back is to the door, so she never sees her twin just standing there, staring at her. I've read dozens of Psycho references to this scene, so I'm guessing you have, too. Commercial. Yikes. Save me. It's that JC Penney ad where all they do is scream. Oh, yes! Salvation arrives in the form of a phone call. It's mum, again. "Oh c'mon. Bridget never sensed someone was in the room?" I should just ask mum to write this up for me, and be done with it.

New York City, Evening, Two Days Earlier: Bridget and Andrew are laughing cozily in a restaurant, when they're joined by their friends Jeffrey (Brody Hutzler) and Greer Sheridan (Mädchen Amick). As then men shake hands, Greer hands Bridget a bouquet of peonies and we flashback to Malcolm and Bridget going through NA Charlie/John's things, and finding an envelope. On it is a note with Siobhan's first name, then "Pivoine 419." Cut to Bridget doing a web search and learning pivoine is French for peony. Back in the present, Bridget eyes Greer, suspiciously. Greer is a catty little baggage, but she's the kind of catty that often escapes men, and seldom escapes women. While the men chitchat, Bridget makes a comment about peonies being out of season. "You must have gone to a lot of trouble to get these." When Greer smarms, "Oh, anything for you," Bridget's expression hardens. Greer: "You really want to do this, now?" Andrew and Jeffrey remain clueless. Bridget remains silent.

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