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Can We Rest Now, Buffy? Can We Rest?
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I'm in such a weird headspace right now; I'm having a hard time even starting this recap. Some of it's personal, and I won't bore you with that, because we watch stuff like Ringer to escape real life. Can I get an amen? Oh! I accidentally and prematurely just made my point. I'm pretty sure Ringer won't be renewed. Our best hope lies in the chance that perhaps Ms. Gellar has photos of the network execs torturing baby sloths, and will wield them well. Go for it, SMG, because right now, I kind of need Ringer. I need escape. I need two Buffies, no waiting. I need Ioan Gruffudd getting all gruffuddy. I need Henry tool belting around. And darn it, the whole wide world is crying for copious amounts of Guyliner.

Editor extraordinaire, Rachel Stein, wrote a well-reasoned piece on why Ringer should get the axe. It was linked at the end of my finale recaplet and will probably be linked at the end of this weecap, or perhaps right here, because TWoP links related items -- like you do... on the Internet. Even though I can't argue with any of it, when I saw it, I freaked. I didn't freak out on Rachel, because she's awesome. I didn't freak in the This Is Bad And Wrong sense. I already "know" the show is a goner, and Rachel is hardly making baseless accusations. I freaked because the link text reads, "See why we think Ringer should be cancelled." It was the we. There is no me in that we. Intellectually, do I accept the fact that there are shows more worthy of pick-up or renewal than Ringer? Certainly (although if I limit myself to CW shows, that list is drastically shorter). But my stompy-footed, cranky little id doesn't give a flying fig about worth. I want my two Buffys on my TV, and I want them on Tuesday, because it's our holy night.

I'm not even saying this as a recapper. There have been more Tuesdays than not where I wished I wasn't covering this show. I wished I could just watch it without having to think about it, make sense of it, criticize or defend it. I would have liked to just tune in, zone out. Sometimes, I would have enjoyed it more, if participating in the (polite, fun, easy-going) show thread was my only Ringer-related writing. (Seriously, that thread is one of the most pleasant ones I've read, in my decade+ as a TWoP member.) I'm speaking as a fan. I know this show is junk food. I need my junk food. So please, dear CW Executives, if you're filling out your renew/cancel checklist, and there's an item along the lines of, "What does that one TWoP recapper -- the one with far too much pity -- want us to do?" please put a bright, bold, glittery hot pink mark in the renew column. Okay? Thank you. Now, this recap isn't going to write itself, so let's go on with the show!

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