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Previously on Revolution: Aaron dreamed the world was okay, but it turned out to be a nano hoax, successfully fooling him into fixing the hole in the code. And we're back where we left off two weeks ago: Charlie has a tiny army, Monroe and Connor are alive, and Miles and Rachel are in a Mexican standoff with Tom and Jason Neville.

Miles tells Tom to put the gun down. Tom threatens to shoot Rachel if Miles doesn't help him trap Monroe to save Julia's life. Before they can go guns blazing on each other, they're attacked by Victor, Ed, and the patriots. Miles and Rachel successfully flee into the woods and Neville makes his WTF WHITE PEOPLE face.

Back in Willoughby, Neville is disgusted with how Ed blew up the situation the night before. Victor refuses to give him any more men for his pursuit of Monroe, and Neville reminds him that the president sent him on this mission. Victor dismisses Ed from his own office, and Ed goes off to cry about how no one ever respects him, not even that redheaded lady from Wisteria Lane.

Victor monologues that he wanted Neville executed after his and Julia's plot against Victor's life, and he still plans to have them both killed after Neville captures Monroe. If he manages to do it. As employee-incentive programs go, that's a pretty shitty one.

One week later, Charlie, her Monroe men, and her mercenaries are hiking back to Willoughby. Monroe's being all dad-ish about how Charlie is still banging Connor (he makes a pun that manages to be both PG-rated and nauseating when he muses, "Blackout with your cack out," which, what does that even mean, Sebastian), and Charlie's all PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS BEFORE I HURL EVERYWHERE. One mercenary notices people approaching—it's Miles and Rachel, who affectionately greets her daughter by telling her she looks like shit. Miles grouches that they didn't bring back enough men and Monroe's all, I missed you too, now kiss me, you fool. I feel like warning that handsome black mercenary what happens to guest stars of color on this show. He doesn't get a name in this episode, so I'm going to call him Bob.

Gene's still alive! And duct-taping his boot back together. He's noticed what's up between Charlie and Connor, and tells Rachel, who is deep in mom denial. Miles has filled Monroe in on the Neville situation, and Monroe wants to go bump off Neville. But when Miles insists that Monroe come see something important, Monroe whines manfully about his poor achy feetsies and how he wants to be lazy and stuff his face, because he's only interested in standing up and walking around if he gets to shoot people, preferably after torturing them first. He reluctantly follows to see what Miles wanted to show him: the patriot reeducation camp, which is fully stocked with kids and drill sergeants -- and a munitions storage shack full of ammunition for great big guns.

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