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But the Tigers Come at Night
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Previously on Revolution: Aaron gave the nanotech a virus and woke up in a completely functional world.

Morning at Aaron's. His TV, toaster, and coffeemaker are all sucking up delicious electricity and spitting out delicious liberalism, waffles, and coffee. Priscilla comes into the kitchen and greets him, asking why he's just staring catatonically out the window. He says he feels off, as if he's forgetting something. On the TV, MSNBC's sweet cherub Chris Hayes throws to a Pentagon press conference.

At the Pentagon, a lady explains, "This morning seven Taliban strongholds in Afghanistan were delivered with a coordinated series of power-outage payloads, or POPs, as part of a new Defense Department initiative. As a result, all electronics at these bases from computers to cars, lost 100 percent…" As she speaks, Aaron zeroes in on Dr. Horn, who is 1. alive, 2. standing behind her, and 3. super shifty-eyed. He flashes back to the patriot symbol and Horn's tools of torture, and tells Priscilla he recognizes Horn, but he doesn't know where he's seen him before. Priscilla hands him a plate of waffles and some coffee and tells him to get a move on for work.

(Uh, wasn't it kind of the point that the Taliban did really well living in Stone Age conditions? How is this POP weapon an improvement?)

Priscilla and Aaron, in downtown…somewhere, USA (they might still be in Texas? I don't recognize the city), walk out of a coffee shop. Aaron is spooked by all the trappings of modern life around him. Priscilla's just pissed she forgot to order almond milk. Aaron sees half a sandwich in a trash can and grabs it, still in the mind-set that he can't pass up food. He explains that he suddenly felt as if food was scarce, then apologizes for acting like a hobo. She laughs that food is literally everywhere. They continue on their way to work at Pittman Digital, which takes up a whole glass high-rise.

Aaron's one of those terrible bosses who doesn't think his employees deserve things like walls or doors or a private place to make phone calls (I fucking hate open-plan offices, you guys. They are the work of the devil) and he's still in a daze when an employee who seems to be his executive assistant tells him "the Uber folks" will be arriving at 12:30. Ah—and the assistant will be getting him Timberwolves tickets, so from this I use my awesome powers of context reading and deduce that they are in Minneapolis. Lovely city. Greener than I expected. (What? I'm too young for The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I had to Google what famous show was set in Minneapolis! I would've guessed Laverne & Shirley.)

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