Dead Man Walking

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It Would Take a Miracle

Ed and Carver look pleased. Gene closes Monroe's eyes. He checks for a carotid pulse. He nods. Outside, the bell tolls for Sebastian Monroe. Miles raises his glass and finishes his drink. Yeah, I do not believe Monroe is dead. Nanites, y'all. Beware the nanites.

Jason slowly revives, tied to a chair. He groans, "Dad." Neville asks Ms. Justine for water. Neville asks if Jason recognizes him, and Jason suddenly jerks against his chains and says yes, he does recognize him, which is why he's going to rip his lungs out. Neville thinks it's just the drugs talking, and asks if Jason's mind is really so weak that he'll let the brainwashing work.

Jason proves he still remembers the events of the last five episodes or so as he says he doesn't think what Tom is doing is so much nobler by trying to get revenge on the patriots for Julia's death. Jason hisses that Julia was unfaithful to Tom, stunning him. "You must have known, you're so good at reading people," Jason says, twisting the knife. Tom clubs Jason across the face and hisses that he will not lose his son. Even though his son is a petulant twit and a far inferior actor.

Willoughby cemetery. A Texan supervises as two men unceremoniously dump Monroe's coffin in a hole. I'm surprised they went to the trouble of a coffin. (And not a Viking funeral, just to be safe). They begin covering it with dirt. Y'all…he's totally not dead.

Charlie comes to find Miles in the bar. She pats him in effectually on the shoulder and says she's around if he needs her. He grips her hand, opens his mouth as if to say something, looks close to tears, and then lets her go without speaking. Aaron's watching from across the room. Bonnie raises her glass and says it was nice meeting him. She invites him to go with them, since Carver signed a treaty recognizing the patriots, and giving them control of Willoughby. Which they plan to use as their own Guantanamo, which is a gleaming example of…something? I have no idea what she's talking about.

Neither does Aaron. He asks Bonnie to elaborate, and she explains that there's no way, in her opinion, that Ranger Dove tracked down Monroe. She thinks Monroe was handed to him. Although she doesn't know who did the hard work. And she doesn't really care. She leaves. Aaron ponders.

Ed's in his office with Reverend Dr. Gene. They discuss how they stopped a war with Texas. Ed's not so happy, and says they wouldn't have had to do any of that damage control if not for Rachel and Miles. Gene replies that he reported everything Miles and Rachel did and he gave them Monroe. Ed says he's not questioning Gene's loyalty, but those two are still a pain in his ass. Gene threatens to take the matter to someone named Dr. Horn if anything happens to Rachel or Miles. (He doesn't secure the same protection for Charlie…maybe she's just not on the patriots' radar?)

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