Dead Man Walking

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It Would Take a Miracle

Monroe haltingly says Miles is the last friend he has in the world, and he wants to shake his hand to say goodbye. Miles does, with his injured hand. (This…does not turn out to be significant. I was sure Miles was passing him a key or a file or a shiv or something, but no.) They make teary eyes at each other as Monroe reflects on the good times they had. "I—I have a kid," Monroe stammers as Miles turns to leave. He means Emma's kid, not Shelly's. He apologizes for banging Miles's girlfriend. Miles turns back and looks absolutely wrecked.

Monroe asks Miles to find his son and take care of him. (His son…who's at least 20, right? If he's still alive, he's surely able to take care of himself.) Miles replies that Monroe's son is fine, and confesses that he knew about him—and he hid the boy from Crazy Unhinged Genocidal Dictator Monroe, at Emma's request. Monroe can't believe Miles deprived him of the chance to know his son, when Miles knew how wrecked he was about the kid who died, and then he goes crazy. Well, that's your reason, dude. Monroe screams as the guards restrain him and Miles leaves.

Execution time! Monroe, shackled, clanks down Main Street, between parallel rows of Willoughbeans. Gene will be administering the injection—with Rachel helping him? Sure, that seems impartial and appropriate. Like anyone should trust her not to rip out the prisoner's throat with her teeth? Carver and Ed share a joke while Bonnie watches sourly. Aaron and Charlie are among the last people Monroe passes on his way into the courthouse. He tells Charlie to take care of Miles. So…he got over that mad right quick.

Gene introduces himself as Danny Matheson's grandfather. "I've been asked to prepare you for execution," he says. "And may I say, it's an honor." Monroe's a bit alarmed. Rachel's staring holes in him. Flashback. Monroe toasts a job well done with a couple of men. Miles comes into the tent and asks what's happening. Monroe, drunk, says they did what Miles wanted to do—they raided the other camp. They took the cattle, the guns, anything they could carry. Miles asks about casualties, and Monroe glibly says the question should be if there were any survivors. Miles is all, who said anything about murder? Monroe replies, "Who asks for anything, Miles? Bad things…they just happen."

Soldiers strap Monroe down on the gurney. Outside, Charlie and Aaron stare up at the window of the courtroom, surrounded by townspeople. Miles seems to be the only one not attending the evening's festivities—he's alone, tossing back booze in Willoughby's only bar. Monroe makes his Jesus-on-the-cross face as Rachel hands Gene the syringe. Monroe whispers, "I'm sorry." And then Gene sticks the needle in his arm and depresses the plunger. Monroe gasps a few times, and then his open eyes fix on the ceiling.

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