Dead Man Walking

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It Would Take a Miracle

Miles and Charlie case Monroe's latest accommodations. There are, conservatively, a fuckload of soldiers guarding him. But Miles is resolved to save his precious Bass. Rachel watches from a window, probably plotting how she'll maintain her access to high-end hair products after they have to flee again.

In his cell, Monroe stares at the bars and zooms into a flashback. Three years after the flashback, he and Miles are striding through a haphazard camp. Monroe protests against Miles's plan of stealing food from a neighboring camp, because Miles has always been a me-first kind of guy, while Bass isn't yet blond, so he still has a soul. He walks into a tent where a pretty woman is distractedly messing with her hair. Monroe puts his hand on her pregnant belly, and oh god, this poor woman isn't going to live twenty minutes. (Also: Monroe has another secret baby?)

Jason hunts his father. We see his point of view—he's clearly on some pretty heavy-duty drugs, the kind that make everything orange and wibbly. In the room where they've taken refuge, Ms. Justine tells Tom Jason won't stop, and that she knows because she went through this when her own child was in a similar program in Cuba. Tom can't believe she'd stick with the patriots after they did that to her. She cries and says her husband is in the high command, and he's fully aware of what happened to their kid (and, presumably, of the attempt on Ms. Justine's life). She says their son is an officer, but he's been so brainwashed that he's no longer human. Tom grits over Ms. Justine's protests that he's going to get Jason out of this, no matter what.

Texans fetch Monroe from his cell. Outside, Miles and Charlie watch from a roof as the guards move the prisoner to the bank. Miles groans that they're keeping him in the vault. So there's only one play here: they'll need a wheelbarrow and a holocaust cloak. In the absence of a giant, Miles thumps his head against the stone sadly. Charlie asks, almost rhetorically, why the guards would move Monroe all of a sudden.

Well, because someone terrible ruined your plans! Miles storms into Dr. Gene's house and asks if Rachel tipped the patriots off. Rachel readily confirms that she did, but denies revealing Monroe's whereabouts initially. Miles is all, okay, awesome, I'm done, why don't you save the town, okay? He storms off to find Dr. Gene's stash of medicinal prune whiskey or whatever. Rachel pretends this was all about her concern for Charlie's life, and Charlie replies that if Rachel actually cared, she might have asked one or two questions about her daughter's welfare while she was wandering the continent alone. You know, when Monroe was the one who saved her from gang rape? Charlie grumps some stuff about how Rachel thinks she's always right, but she's not, and then sulks off. Yeah, she's a shitty teenager, but she also has a point.

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