Dead Man Walking

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It Would Take a Miracle

It's time for a hangin'! Truman and his men escort Monroe—in a cage, like a sad circus lion—back into town, along with several wagonloads of strangers. Rachel and Miles watch and she observes aloud that the Texans and the patriots seem to be working together rather than killing each other. Funny, that.

The commander-in-chief of Texas, General Carver (played by a very handsome gentleman from Southland), addresses the crowd, telling them how proud he is that Texas Ranger Malcolm Dove (oy, really?) was able to capture the notorious Sebastian Monroe. The crowd claps and hoots. Among them, Aaron and Charlie watch, not quite as pleased. Ed and Carver shake hands as flashbulbs go off—flashbulbs! Texas really is the promised land—and Carver continues that Monroe will be tried immediately, and if he's found guilty, executed before sunrise.

Aaron doodles the Patriot Symbol on an old Fantastic Four comic. A lady who just rode in with the Texans (played by Alanna Ubach) sidles up and asks about the comic. When Aaron hesitantly explains that the Human Torch can, you know, set things on fire, she meanly assumes he's single. Okay, fuck off, lady, or Aaron might just go all Carrie on you.

She introduces herself as Bonnie Webster and reveals she knows who he is—she used to work at Forbes, which put him on the 30 Under 30 issue back in 2009. Now, she explains, she's with General Carver's press corps. Aaron is surprised that such a thing exists, but I'm heartened—maybe I will have a way to make a living after the apocalypse. (Or I could just wander from settlement to settlement, reciting old Smash episodes by heart, like a Marilyn Monroe–obsessed riot. "Gather round, children, and let me tell you about the time Shark Eyes learned what a bar mitzvah was…")

Aaron asks why Bonnie isn't outside doing her job, reporting the news, and she sneers that she's already written the story: Carver caught his bin Laden, which will keep him popular for years. She continues, matching Aaron cynicism for cynicism by saying she's not in the truth business. She makes villains and heroes, and Willoughby is just the set for this week's fiction. Aaron looks like he wants to set himself on fire this time.

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