Dead Man Walking

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It Would Take a Miracle
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Previously on Revolution: Neville saved Ms. Justine's life in exchange for her promise to take him to the reprogramming center where the patriots sent Jason. Charlie brought Monroe to Willoughby so he could resume his tortured love affair with Miles. And then Monroe murdered the Texas secretary of the interior, in the hopes that pinning the murder on the patriots will trigger a war between Texas and the U.S. government.

We pick up just minutes after we left off, in the mill by the river. Monroe and Miles diligently stage John Fry's assassination by the patriots, dripping blood on the floor, conspicuously hiding a shell casing under three or four sticks of hay. In a Willoughby bar, one of Fry's compatriots tells some pals he can't find the secretary.

Miles and Monroe chuck Fry's body in the river. It's very romantic, just the two of them in the moonlight, with a dead body between them. Like the old days. Fry's pals pass Charlie, Aaron, and Rachel (who seem to make a career of just standing around on Main Street Willoughby, staring with their jaws hanging open) on the way to their horses. Aaron thanks the ladies for another delightful evening of murder and mayhem, and glooms back to his panicky wife.

Reverend Dr. Gene's house. Rachel walks in, with Charlie behind her. Gene hugs his granddaughter and doesn't follow up on the line of questioning he'd started about where his crazy-ass daughter was all night.

Fry's men find the bloodstains and the shell casing Miles and Monroe planted in the mill. "Came from a patriot gun," one of them concludes about the shell. On the riverbank, they find footprints and then, in the water, they stumble over Fry's body. They finish their amateur forensics and decide the patriots are guilty. One wants to slaughter all the patriots in Willoughby, but another counsel's patience.

Watching from the brush, Monroe says to Miles, "You wanted a war. You got one." Dun dun DUN!!

Reverend Dr. Gene's house at morning. Rachel and Charlie make scrupulously polite, simpering small talk. Gene's had enough and asks what the hell is wrong with the two of them and why they aren't happy to be reunited. Rather than explaining the whole Rachel-loved-Danny-so-much-she-destroyed-the-whole-world-and-that-makes-Charlie-cry situation, they just shrug and grimace and Charlie runs off to play with her fucking Ewok lunchbox or whatever. Rachel makes a duck face.

Monroe drags another dead body out of a shack. Miles can't believe he's still killing people, and David Lyons's American accent completely deserts him when he protests that he just wanted to have a chat with the guy! And then he fell on his knife! He fell on his knife ten times! Miles repeats the lie-low-and-wait-for-Texas part of their plan, and Monroe's all, yeah yeah, here's some stuff I got out of the dead guy. Miles is pleased that his boyfriend loved him enough to torture intel out of a rando. He's practically blushing. Monroe asks for a thank-you, but when he doesn't get one, he says he'd settle for help burying this poor schmuck. "You know who'd be handy against these guys?" Monroe muses as they bring out their dead. "Tom Neville."

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