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Some Abject Louse
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Previously on Revolution: Aaron walked to Oklahoma and met up with Grace and his ex-wife Priscilla who, like Aaron, hears voices and sees fireflies. Rachel, Miles, and Monroe went to Mexico to fetch Li'l Sebastian and almost got themselves killed by the cartel for their trouble. Jason Neville did something stupid, because he is stupid. And Charlie and Reverend Dr. Gene did something equally stupid, because they are also so, so stupid.

Willoughby. Rachel, Miles, Monroe, and Connor find the basement where Charlie and Gene were hiding out empty. Connor snarks that life was nicer in Mexico. It was, wasn't it? Our valiant, sepia-toned heroes immediately find the quarantine camp and spy from the same ridge Charlie and Gene used. They see Gene talking to Ed and Monroe dryly observes that it didn't take Rachel's dad long to go back to the patriots. They notice that everyone in the camp is wearing surgical masks, and Rachel speculates that there's been an outbreak. Connor can't believe his lousy mass-murdering father brought him to this pestilential shithole.

A wagon gallops up and Charlie and Gene help unload a patient and bring him into the medical tent, which has a lot more than four patients in it now. The man seizes and Gene tells Charlie to get the manual respirator. They do various rustic medical things, but the man dies. Probably because Charlie's abundant, free-flowing hair suffocated him.

Gene storms out of the tent and confronts Ed about where the drugs he needs are. "I can't exactly FedEx it, Gene," Ed snaps. Gene yells that a dozen people have already died, and Ed emotes damply that he has sick men in there, too. Regardless of his differences with Gene, he knows they both want the best for the town.

Rachel and the others watch from their cliff and bicker among themselves about what they should do since they can't exactly stroll into town, what with Monroe having been executed by these very people quite recently. Miles wants to send Connor, since no one knows his face, but Connor, quite smartly, is like, no thanks on the death plague? Rachel insists on going, since it's her father and her daughter down there. Nice that she remembers she has a daughter now.

Rachel assimilates into a group approaching the camp, pulling her bandanna up over her face. The boys watch from the ridge -- Miles approvingly, Connor shaking his head at her insanity. Gene is thrilled to see Rachel, while Charlie's face says she might prefer her mom to stay far away from the rampant sickness. Rachel asks where Aaron is, but before Gene or Charlie can respond, Ed interrupts them and asks where she's been, where Miles is, how she gets her hair to look so effortlessly tousled and not at all greasy in the absence of things like showers and hairdryers and stylists. You know, the things we're all wondering.

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