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Nowhere to Run, Ain't Got Nowhere to Go
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Previously on Revolution: So, this one time, Rachel, the most selfish woman in the world, discovered that her baby had a congenital heart defect. So she decided that it would be an awesome idea if her husband, Ben, gave the government this top-secret energy-blacking-out weapon he'd developed—with some tech stolen from the local neighborhood super genius, Aaron—and in exchange a government bigwig named Randall, would then get Ben and Rachel's baby into an experimental trial to fix his wonky heart. And also the top-secret energy-blacking-out weapon makes nanites, which are imaginary and which will also fix the baby's heart? Or his asthma? Maybe?

That baby lived and grew up to be the floppy-haired blond Danny. After Rachel ran off to live in prison with her brother-in-law Miles's ex-boyfriend, Monroe, and Ben went and got himself killed, Danny went and got himself kidnapped. Then Ben and Rachel's wretched daughter, Charlie, had to drag Miles out of his nice comfortable bar full of aged brown liquor and antique firearms to go free Danny. And then Danny got himself shot ten thousand times and apparently the magical nanites in him don't work on bullets. So the world still has no power and all of this was for nothing, except that Rachel caused millions and possibly billions of deaths because she is a selfish asshole. Oh, and Tom Neville used to torture people for Monroe but now he and his son Jason are outcasts on the run, and the president lives in Cuba. End of season one.

Beginning of Season 2! The power is switching on (magically…because the grid isn't decayed after fifteen years of disuse!) and the intercontinental ballistic missiles that Randall fired at Atlanta and Philadelphia are still on their way. Miles is counting down, super helpfully, while Aaron slaps at a computer like a monkey to try to turn the power off again.

We then jump to six months later, "somewhere in the Plains Nation." Apparently Mumford & Sons have reunited and they're playing Ozzy's greatest hits at a bar. A bartender is telling Charlie about the time the power switched on for four minutes. "People cried", he says. They said it was. "like seeing God". But he was passed out and missed the whole thing. "Where was she?" he asks. Charlie grins and oh man, she has gotten some Affleck-in-Armageddon-quality veneers in the past six months. Her acting is also in roughly the same condition as the power grid when she tells Jeff, the bartender, that the last thing she wants to talk about is the power. Seriously, it's like someone whacked Tracy Spiridakos over the head with a stunt sword and now she's learning her lines phonetically. Anyway, she and Jeff the bartender go have sleazy sex in the back room.

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