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The Curious Incident of the Bride in the Night-Time
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So, the protagonist of Revenge was shot and fell off the side of boat. Now what?

Naturally, every member of the Grayson family and string of extended friends and annoyances are under suspicion, but none more than Victoria, who can’t account for her whereabouts during the shooting thanks to Aidan’s swift move with the chlorophyll hanky. Lydia is removed from suspicion when Conrad lies for her. In her defense, she is innocent. Margaux hands over all the photos that she and her photogs took for Voulez, keeping two suspect cards for herself. Daniel and Charlotte are considered to be grieving, despite the murderous look on Daniel’s face throughout the ordeal. And Victoria, the one famous for feuding with Emily, stands as the only person deemed capable of the attempted murder. If it wasn’t for the other 38 minutes of plot ahead in the episode, Victoria would be days away from being cuffed by the police.

While her new family is dealing with the investigation, Emily is hanging onto the buoy she Little Mermaid-ed her way onto in the last episode. She’s trying to reach the supply box Aidan planted there, but getting shot makes your grips sort of weak, so she drops it and instead turns on the tracking device on her wedding garter. Magically, she swims away from this situation.

Meanwhile, Team Emily is in a panic. Aidan knows her survival skills are on point, but he’s frustrated that her last-minute mission deadline made it difficult to set up a foolproof plan. Jack suddenly realizes that perhaps this whole disaster is his fault -- although, he doesn’t realize part of the issue is the fact that Emily toyed with an emotional wreck’s baby heart, too. He tells Aidan that he’s the one who imposed a deadline on Emily, but Aidan’s too concerned with chasing Emily’s tracker to worry about blame. Once again, Aidan is the bigger man, despite the fact that Jack is supposed to be the one we’re rooting for.

After that back and forth, Aidan finds Emily hiding on a fishing boat, convulsing and bleeding profusely. She refuses to go to the hospital, eager to just start her life with Aidan -- revenge be damned, for once. She needs to go to the hospital, or she’ll die, so when she passes out from exertion and blood loss, Aidan alerts the fishermen so they’ll find her and take her to the hospital and they can keep their ruse afloat.

At Nolan’s, the three musketeers reconvene to set a game plan in place. Nolan finally finds out that Em’s plan didn’t exactly work out as Aidan informs them that he had a fisherman take her to the hospital. Naturally, Jack is furious that Aidan is so committed to their secret mission that he’d leave Em alone, but finally, Nolan acts as the voice of reason: what’s done is done, now they need to focus on Ems. She’s still in danger in the hospital -- the Graysons will either spin the story against her or finish the job, Conrad-style. They devise a plan: Nolan will use his pull at the hospital to keep watch over her and Jack will pump Margaux for information since she was on the cruise. This all happens before the mid-episode mark, so we’re basically just waiting for everything to go awry.

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