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To Double Infinity and Beyond
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Aww, would ya look at that? Emily gets married to Daniel, the guy she doesn’t love, after all. The Season 3 premiere of Revenge opens on Emily in a wedding gown on a yacht and it’s all twinkly lights and champagne until someone approaches, prompting her to apologize right before being shot and falling into the ocean. And that humdinger is this season’s unsolvable flash-forward mystery, Revenge fans.

Back in present day Manhattan, Emily is sunning herself at her penthouse pool, considerably more prepared to throw Victoria’s annual Memorial Day party than she is to set a wedding date. We learn the Graysons have scattered to the ends of the emotional Earth. Victoria has closed herself off with a mysterious, CW-pretty stable boy; Charlotte has spent the last sixth months in Europe after losing Declan and conveniently losing their unborn child; Daniel is unemployed and living off of Emily’s millions; and Conrad is floating in own egotistical universe in which his eyes are "arctic pools" and six months as governor earns him enough clout to run for president. So, nothing’s terribly different.

While the Graysons, sans their millions, pretend to have problems, Nolan has just solved his. He’s released from prison figuring out a way to trace the Carion cyber attack back to the Falcon and the Initiative. His first whiffs of the real world upon his release from prison? The knowledge that Nolcorp is belly-up, and the fact that Emily revealed her true identity to Jack. Moved by her interaction with Jack, Emily decides it’s time to cut Nolan out of her revenge plot for his own safety, but of course, Nolan is a David Clarke disciple and has no plans to back off now. Even if his time as cyber sidekick will have to go the way of Nolcorp for now (eccentric billionaire stunts only from now on). Together, they cackle that this Memorial Day party will be the last one the Graysons ever attend, but we all know such hubris can only mean one thing: it’s all going to go awry.

After picking up Nolan, Emily is off to stare at the Stowaway, which Jack packed up and left after her confession. He’s not back, but Ashley is and the conniving, yet well-dressed Brit has a ploy to get Emily’s millions in light of Conrad’s inability to pay for her silence regarding the bombing at Grayson Global. Ashley wants an invite to the Memorial Day party, Emily’s high-powered business contacts, and a few easy introductions or she’ll reveal Jack’s failed plan to assassinate Conrad during his gubernatorial acceptance speech. Great threat -- go ahead and dangle the fate of a man who’s no longer around for a crime he almost committed. Top notch plan, Ash.

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