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She Wants It All or Nothing At All
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This week, Emily experiences her last slice of heaven, possibly ever, as Nolan manages to sneak in and visit her as a candy striper (so he says) and Ems tells him she’s done seeking revenge. She simply wants a normal, happy life, because she’s just relived the pain she’s experienced by having to remember her life all over again. Unfortunately, Revenge wouldn’t really work with a happy Emily, she we all know she can’t actually have what she wants.

Aidan’s also angling for a happy ending. He’s agreed not to harm Daniel for trying to kill Emily, but he is still hoping to sneak her out of the hospital. He enlists Niko, the Australian doctor who kissed him last week, to help him, only she’s a little less than willing when she realizes that Aidan and Emily are romantically linked. Go figure.

Meanwhile, Daniel is determined to take back his life, so he visits Sarah at the Stowaway and apologizes for driving her to kill herself, but then comes the satisfying shocker: Sarah wasn’t cliché enough to try to kill herself over a guy. She was drunk and slipped and fell into the tub. And because that’s enough for one heart-broken person to bear, Jack comes barreling in, prepared to throw the could-be murdered out of his bar. When Daniel won’t go, Jack finally lets his anger out and punches Daniel in the face. It gives Danny a black eye he sports proudly for the rest of the episode.

But while he’s worrying about Sarah, Daniel’s mother is putting a plan into action. The doctor says Emily can be discharged to a rehabilitation center, but Victoria suggests that Emily be released to the Graysons instead. Quite suspiciously, Niko pops in to volunteer her nursing services.

Once Emily is settled in the house, she wakes up to Victoria’s borderline sociopath hospitality. V’s insistent that Emily is an official Grayson now and that they family is rallying to protect her from her potential attacker (falsely accused Lydia) and the paparazzi. Emily tells her she would prefer to recoup in the beach house with her husband, but that’s clearly not an option. Victoria leaves Emily alone with her husband, who’s managed to wipe that grimace off his face long enough to kiss her on the forehead and tell her to get some rest.

And while Emily’s helpless in the issue of her recoup locale -- even Daniel can’t convince Victoria to let her go -- she’s not helpless when it comes to playing the Graysons. She’s telling them that she still hasn’t recovered all of her memory, though she knows Daniel is the one who shot her. But for now, that seems to be the only scheme Emily is working.

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