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Pieces of Me
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It’s obvious in the first few moments of "Control" that Emily is losing her grip. While she’s snooping in Conrad’s garage to try and figure out who tampered with his brakes, she runs into Aidan, who’s concerned she’s doing "his job." (You know, that thing he doesn’t actually get paid for). She agrees, but Aidan’s sinister look doesn’t bode well – he’s out to make Jack look guilty if we remember the last minutes of "Mercy" correctly.

At the Stowaway, Jack is safe (and shirtless, so we remember he’s a significant love interest again). Margaux drops by to play her role ("the complication") and invites him to the Voulez launch party. He’s hesitant because of his aversion to the Graysons and Daniel, but his friendly smirk apparently serves as a "yes."

Over at Grayson Manor, Conrad has taken Aidan’s suggestion that Jack is guilty very seriously, but because he hates Aidan, he’s hired his own P.I. to prove it. This isn’t exactly what our dashing Brit had in mind so he dangles something he definitely can’t offer -- Charlotte -- before Conrad’s nose in exchange for Conrad making Aidan his detective. Aidan’s solution is a self-serving offer that aims to destroy Jack (and thus remove him from Emily’s path), which would in turn displace the jobless Charlotte and force her to move home. Still, it won’t make Charlotte care about her father again. Naturally, this won’t work. Aidan’s already messed up when he let his feelings get in the way once before.

While at the Manor to see his mother (literally just to see her, he barely says two words to the woman he’s supposedly waiting for) Daniel apologizes to Patrick for his "unfair" and "misdirected" harsh commentary. Just them, Emily shows up to take Victoria and Charlotte shopping for wedding outfits -- which is incredibly awkward considering her partner in temporary separation is standing there when she waltzes in. Daniel still won’t talk to Em, even when she asks to have a chat later that night. And with that embarrassing exchange, Victoria and Emily recycle their barbs from last week: Victoria is poor, Emily is about to lose her fiancé again. Yeah, yeah. Move it along, ladies.

When Victoria and Charlotte are trying on dresses, suddenly Charlotte has flip-flopped back to Emily’s side. Emily leaves the room and Victoria says it’s fine that she hates Charlotte’s gown because there won’t actually be a wedding day, to which Charlotte replies with a plea to understand what Emily did that was so terrible. Victoria says Emily had a "tryst" (a.k.a. the stolen kiss) with Jack and that’s why Daniel and Emily’s first engagement broke off. Charlotte seems shocked, but she suggests that Jack is happy with Margaux, so it’s not an issue. Right, little one, but that doesn’t mean mommy dearest isn’t going to do her best to make it an issue.

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