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Dead People With Feelings
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Previously on Resurrection: many characters were introduced.

We open in the cemetery. This seems like it's going to be a standard location for the show, although if enough dead people come back to life, it'll lose a lot of its dramatic effect. Jacob is still wearing his red shirt. Get that kid some clean clothes! I don't care how much he likes the Mansfield Panthers. He notices that there's a statue next to the family crypt that looks sort of like him. The creepy drifter dad from last episode is stalking him, whistling. Then he dissolves to dust. Jacob looks at his own hand, which also falls to dust. Then he wakes up. I think it's a mistake to have dream sequences in a show that's already full of impossible things. It just adds confusion. Jacob's mother Lucille is sitting there watching him sleep. She tells him he was just dreaming and he asks, "I'm not anymore?" See, he knows. And I don't blame him for being a little skeptical about this whole deal, although I'd like him to be showing a little more interest in being thirty years in the future.

Elaine Richards and her father Caleb (the creepy drifter dad from last paragraph -- he's also supposed to be dead) greet each other briefly, and then Marty comes in to ask what the deal is. Caleb says he just remembers driving his truck and blacking out. Then he woke up three days ago in Portland. He has no memory of a heart attack at all. When Marty tells him he died, he doesn't believe it. That's not entirely irrational; it's an odd thing to be told, right? Although he also doesn't seem to care about the time that's passed while he was dead. His body was found at his hunting shack. Ray is just skulking in the corner glowering at everyone. Caleb has a headache and wants to do this some other time. And Marty's fine with that, because why would you want a lot of information about this guy who just came back from the dead? This whole show is populated by people with what I think is a shocking lack of curiosity.

Outside, Marty asks Maggie if Caleb's story could be true. She says she saw his dead body before it was cremated (because she's apparently the only doctor in town, although she has plenty of time to run around town all day), and Caleb hasn't aged a day. Marty nods. "So, okay -- looks like there are two now. Returned." So they wonder why Jacob remembers dying, but Caleb doesn't? See, that's more like it. Try to figure out the rules of what's going on. Ray comes out and says, "That man is there? That's not dad." I feel like we already went through a cycle of disbelief in the first episode. There's a limit to how many times you can have people saying "This isn't really my loved one who died a long time ago. Oh wait, now I believe it." That emotional beat loses its punch eventually.

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