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Coffin Jacob
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A coffin opens slowly. Jacob is inside, wearing that Mansfield Panthers shirt that I've been complaining about. He seems really well preserved but this turns out to be Henry's memory of him being first put in there. Although Past Henry doesn't look a great deal like Kurtwood Smith. This is the problem with using actors who have long careers, because I already know what he looked like thirty years ago. He was in an episode of The A-Team called "The Battle of Bel Air" in 1984! Robocop was 27 years ago, and he'd already lost all the hair on the front half of his scalp. Anyway, now we know that Jacob was, in fact, wearing that shirt when he was buried. In the present, Henry is watching Lucille play catch with Jacob in the back yard. He starts to smile, but a twinge in his wrist makes him drop his knife. He slinks back into the house, scowling. But to be fair, he's not quite stomping.

Cemetery. This is the continuation of the last episode, with Marty and Maggie looking into Jacob's coffin. Henry had been watching from farther away, but I guess he had to go back home for that other scene. We don't get to see what they're looking at, which is because it's the body of an eight-year-old boy that's been decomposing for thirty years. That's not something this show wants to make us look at. So instead, the two people looking into the coffin have to talk about the Mansfield Panthers shirt. Maggie takes a moment to look wistfully at her mother's coffin. Then Marty reaches into the coffin and snips off the tag from the shirt. They do not appear to take a DNA sample, which was the whole reason they opened the coffin in the first place.

Now Marty compares the tag from the coffin, which is very faded, to the one on the shirt that Living Jacob was wearing. Even the handwritten "JACOB" looks the same, allowing for the fading. He's in the Langston home, and Jacob appears in the doorway behind him. Jacob asks if he was in the coffin. Marty asks, "How could you be in there when you're here right now?" That's very clever, but I feel like there are going to be paradoxes no matter how this shakes out, so maybe you could just be honest with the kid? He's probably pretty freaked out about coming back from the dead, and he asked you a direct question. Marty wants to talk about playing catch, but Jacob wants to know if he's like Caleb. He tells Marty about his dream from last episode where they both fell to dust. Instead of exploring the profound psychological issues the boy appears to be going through, Marty tells Jacob to tell someone if Caleb comes near him. Then he fist-bumps him. Jacob knows how to fist bump? Those weren't super-popular among 8-year-olds in 1982.

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