For King and Country

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The Bastard Who Would Be King

Evil Anne dryly observes that the turnout to bid her farewell is awfully scanty. She gives Mary one last word of advice: her power is always fleeting, and it can disappear "with the stroke of a pen or the blade of an ax."

Evil Anne is about to make her exit when Henry interrupts. He says he can't let her go. But he hasn't had a change of heart—he doesn't trust her, with her vast wealth and affection for poison. So he's holding her prisoner in the castle until he returns from Rome. His soldiers try to grab her, but she smacks their hands away in the most delicious fashion. "Whoremonger," she hisses at Henry. "Devil," he replies. He smirks and tells her to consider her imprisonment a sign of his respect for her intellect and abilities. The soldiers escort her past Mary and the ladies.

Sexy Nostradamus brings a plate of food to his room, then goes again to the tunnel and feeds Clarissa. She doesn't take it, and when he crouches down, she lunges and stabs him in the throat with the file she found in her doll (and presumably used to whittle through her chains). As Nostradamus gasps and clutches his neck, Clarissa lightly frolics out the door.

Bash stands on his balcony, his busted lip still healing. Mary comes up behind him and they discuss what a crazy fucking couple of days they've had. At least Francis will be okay, they say. Bash still can't believe he's going to be king of France one day. He's pretty happy he'll get to marry Mary, though (does he know she slept with Francis? They weren't particularly discreet), as soon as Henry returns from Rome. He's happier than Mary is. They both stare pensively out at the water.

Next time: Someone tries to kill Bash.

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