For King and Country

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The Bastard Who Would Be King

Evil Anne just seethes, flanked by soldiers, and grittily says she wouldn't dare have the king bumped off. Francis swans into the room then and says his mother would kill everyone in the room to put her oldest son on the throne. He snarls that his first order as king would be to execute Evil Anne if she harmed anyone in the room—Bash, Mary, Henry. Nameless soldier men are like, gee, thanks, Francis.

Francis pledges his undying love to Mary for like the ninety-seventh time in the past forty-five minutes, and then mansplains some more why Mary is making all her decisions. He is, of course, wrong on all counts, and Mary sadly says a future without him is her only choice. Francis turns to Bash and says he envied his brother his freedom for so many years, and now he has it, while Bash has what was his. With a melodramatic "Long may you reign," Francis takes his leave. It's too much to hope that that's the last we see of that guppy-faced twerp and the show just goes whole-hog into this alternate history storyline, isn't it?

Mary's room. One of the maids announces Evil Anne, who marches in, but before the maids and a guard can leave, Mary tells them to stay. She's learned not to be alone with Evil Anne, at least. Evil Anne baldly says Mary's plan has cost her her life—she's sure Henry will find some reason to have her beheaded after the annulment. Mary tells Evil Anne to leave France, and Evil Anne muses what could have been if only Mary had done that. Remember how she tried? A couple of times.

Mary's sure Henry will let Evil Anne live if she just goes away. "Grant him the annulment, and then go far from here and grant yourself a happy life," she says, still so naive. Evil Anne sighs, and asks if Mary doesn't yet realize that "happiness is the one thing we queens can never have." She almost tenderly tells her to sleep well, and leaves.

In the morning, the ladies-in-waiting have gotten themselves all tarted up in their best sparkly dresses and rabbit-fur shrugs to watch Evil Anne make her good-byes to the household. Greer says the official story is that Evil Anne will be visiting her aunt in a convent. Lola can't believe that's how Evil Anne would live the rest of her life, but Mary thinks she'll be safe there. (As safe as she was in the last convent that was her home? As safe as Mary was in her convent?)

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