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The Bastard Who Would Be King

So they need a new plan to stop Mary. Obviously, the plan is murder. Evil Anne tells the soldier behind her to have a scribe write a good-bye note in Mary's handwriting, implying that she's run off with Bash again. She instructs him to pay a jailer to lie that Mary bribed him to help her and Bash escape, and then to bury all the bodies in the woods. Deep. The soldier leaves and Sexy Nostradamus just stares after Evil Anne, unable to fathom this kind of viciousness. She and Henry really are more well matched than they realize.

Evil Anne's soldier lets himself into Mary's room, but finds her bed empty. Mary has let herself out through the tunnels, and finds Bash and Henry in the wine cellar. The king muses wryly that Mary has taught him that God has a nasty sense of humor, since a teenage girl is holding him hostage just as he was on the brink of his greatest triumph. Henry doesn't think Bash is ready to be king, but he reluctantly tells Mary he'll agree to her terms. Bash is all, WHAT IN THE WHAT.

Henry plans to go to Rome and press his case with the pope. He thinks it's a long shot, and admits that he's been a better father to Bash than to Francis. He doesn't know why Bash betrayed his brother, but he's sure this will destroy Francis. Unless he's a much stronger man than anyone knows. Henry pours wine and hands goblets to Bash and Mary, toasting "the future king and queen of France, Scotland, and England."

They drink. Can someone please get Bash a clean shirt? Mary asks what they'll do about the little problem that is Evil Anne. Henry says he'll handle her.

Evil Anne comes into her bedchamber to find her soldier strung up, dangling lifelessly over her bed. Henry swoops in behind her and says, "You're next." He drags her by the arm to the throne room, where Mary and Bash are standing together, both looking a bit horrified.

Evil Anne swears she won't agree to an annulment, and asks if Henry plans to execute her himself. No, he says, and he explains that his plan is for Bash to succeed him, then his sons by Evil Anne to succeed Bash if they survive him. (So Bash and Mary aren't planning to spawn any little princes in this fantasy storyline?) Henry knows Evil Anne well enough to guess that she plans to assassinate both Mary and Bash—and him, too. "A stray arrow, a hunting accident," he muses. (It was actually a jousting accident, but that's pretty good prognostication there.)

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