For King and Country

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The Bastard Who Would Be King

Mary runs straight to Evil Anne's chambers and demands to know if she poisoned Aylee. Evil Anne denies it. Mary relates the story of the poisoned cup that was meant for Kenna but delivered to Aylee. Evil Anne sits down, pretending shock, and explains how she had thought to get rid of both Diane and Kenna. Mary, for some reason, isn't placated that her future mother-in-law intended to kill a different one of her bosom companions. Evil Anne emphatically swears she didn't know about that specific Nostradamus prophecy.

Evil Anne offers to help Mary get back to Scotland and find her a suitable marriage. But she won't stand for Mary booting her off the throne and ruling three countries. I would not be surprised at all if she just stabbed her to death right now with a hairpin. Mary yells that she's doing all this to save Francis, and now she has to go tell him about her new Franglish Plan before someone else does. Evil Anne's all, uh, about that…

Mary runs into Francis's chambers, hollering his name. In the dungeon, Francis lets himself into Bash's cell and punches his brother right in the face. Bash, for what it's worth, is shackled, so he can't exactly fight back (not that he would, what with Francis being a fragile simpleton and all). Francis starts beating and kicking him and hollering about how Bash stole his woman. Mary comes running down the hall, shrieking, and pulls Francis off Bash, squeaking that they've both done what they did to try and save his life. If only Sexy Nostradamus could discover penicillin four hundred years ahead of schedule!

Mary yells that it was her idea to marry Bash and legitimize him, which is the first Bash is hearing of this plan. Francis yells back that Mary is unmaking his entire family, his entire life, because of a superstition, and if she thinks he'll forgive her because she thinks she's doing it for his own good, she's wrong.

Francis leaves and Mary kneels next to Bash, who's bleeding from the mouth but not too poorly, considering. He grouches sourly about how he never wanted the crown, and he'll need a minute to think about this bomb Mary's flung into his life.

Evil Anne asks Sexy Nostradamus why he didn't tell her of the dead-lady-in-waiting vision, and he's like, uh, because you totally would have killed one of them? Der? Evil Anne shrugs, all, yeah, you know I would've. But at least Aylee's death will save Francis, Sexy Nostradamus says. Evil Anne mentions Mary's plan to fuck with the line of succession, and says if Bash becomes king, her sons will all be targets because some of the French people and nobles will still think Francis, Charlie, et al. belong on the throne.

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