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The Bastard Who Would Be King

Even Evil Anne is horrified at Henry's ruthlessness. Henry insists that Mary follow The Franglish Plan or he'll have Bash executed. Mary's like, THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU OH MY GOD.

Mary's room. Evil Anne swans in and dismisses Mary's maids. They argue: Mary wants to acquiesce to Henry's demands to save Bash, but Evil Anne wants her to lie and say she married Bash while they were on the lam, in which case even Henry can't put aside a previous marriage. Mary thinks Henry would totally kill Bash anyway. She's written to her mother, asking for help, but Evil Anne says that won't work, as Henry's been corresponding with Mary of Guise since they learned Mary Tudor was dying. Mama Mary is super into the whole Franglish Plan.

Mary's solution: she wants to tell Francis about Sexy Nostradamus's prophecy. Evil Anne knows her son will ignore that as superstition and talk Mary out of believing it so they can get married. So the choices here are Francis or Bash. Spoiler alert: this is not going to matter either way.

Sexy Nostradamus's magic dungeon. He picks up his hunk of bread from dinner and a creepy little blank-faced baby doll and takes them to the tunnels, where Clarissa is chained up in a corner, still with the bag over her head. He chastises her for not even pretending to be sorry for killing Aylee, which she only did to fulfill Nostradamus's vision. She insists she did it to save Mary, and Nostradamus admits Evil Anne totally would have killed Mary. He says it's the prerogative of kings and queens to play God and kill each other, but monsters like Clarissa don't get to play that game. He revokes her privileges of freely wandering the castle, and tells her to obey him or he'll starve her. He tosses her the bread and the doll.

Clarissa clutches the doll, then rolls up her face-bag and uses her teeth to rip its belly open. She finds a file inside it.

Francis interrupts Mary's very important staring-out-the-window session. She tells him about the prophecy (somewhere in the castle, Evil Anne burns a serving wench with a hot poker just because she's pissed off). Francis, as predicted, is skeptical. Mary pleads with him to believe her, bringing up how Sexy Nostradamus foretold Aylee's death. When Francis wants to take the matter to his father, she says Henry will burn Nostradamus for heresy and treason. And he'd probably burn Evil Anne for consorting with him.

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