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The Bastard Who Would Be King
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Previously on Reign: Do you all remember how Mary and Francis and Bash and the girls got to this point? Yeah, me neither. Buckle on your chastity belts and we'll get through this together.

So Francis asked Mary to marry him, but Sexy Nostradamus had a vision that the marriage will cause Francis's death. Sexy Nostradamus also foresaw one of Mary's ladies would die, and since he was right (RIP, Aylee), she freaked out, renounced her claim on the English throne, and fled the castle, with Bash hot on her heels. And all the while Bash's mama, Diane de Poitiers, was scheming to legitimize her son and put him on the throne of France.

Mary rides and cries, rides and cries. She's still with Bash, so things can't be too bad. They gallop through the woods, with several armed men pursuing them. They come to a cliff, and it's awfully hard to do that Butch and Sundance move when you're on horseback. Mary's adamant that she won't go back to the French court to be part of Henry's plans. Bash tells Mary to dismount, asks if she can swim, and then they join hands and leap off this giant fucking cliff. Both of them dressed head to toe in leather (and, notably, without their luggage, which will mysteriously reappear later).

One of Henry's men reports that they haven't been able to find Mary and Bash. Henry clunkily replies, "They didn't just disappear. Bash has many talents, but magic isn't one of them!" Shows what you know, slutty king. He sends them back out to keep looking while Evil Anne of Green Gables lazily tells him to give up, as Francis has done after his own fruitless search. She is positively smug.

Henry asks why Evil Anne is so opposed to the marriage. She doesn't tell him about the prophecies, just says that Mary's in danger from the English if she claims the throne, and that brings the danger close enough to Francis to worry Evil Anne. Henry threatens to have Evil Anne executed if he finds she was behind Mary's departure. She sneers that she's weary of his threats, and he snaps back that he's been sick of her for a decade and would be happy to be rid of her.

Evil Anne heads straight to her son's room and starts yelling at him. She's happy to learn Francis hasn't so much as seen one of Mary's footprints, and further tries to convince him to give up looking. He just wants to know why Mary left him, and says the only explanation Mary gave was that she didn't trust him to put her above his loyalty to France. Evil Anne is happy to hear it, but Francis thinks that was just an excuse. He proclaims his love for Mary and says he thinks his mother was responsible for her departure.

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