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Tie a Random Stranger 'Round the Old Oak Tree
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Previously on Reign: Francis's ex-girlfriend Olivia arrived at court and -- with the help of Evil Anne of Green Gables -- made a play to be his mistress. When Francis refused to kick Olivia out of the castle, Mary, Teen of Scots, kissed Bash… LIKE A BOSS.

Bash dreams about the creepy ginger boy from last week who told him to choose someone to sacrifice before jumping out his bedroom window. Bash wakes up, panting and sweaty. In her own bed, Mary wakes up to find the creepy ginger kid's weird necklace on the pillow next to her.

Francis is talking with some of the gentlemen of the court when Olivia interrupts and pulls him away. He explains that Henry is returning soon from visiting Diane in Paris. Olivia refers to some nasty business with "the butcher boy," which seems to be how the creepy ginger kid was dressed, so I guess he didn't have a soft landing after he flung himself off Bash's parapet.

Francis and Olivia are dressed in an almost suspiciously complementary fashion in this scene, both with big shoulders, nipped waists, and earth tones. I see what you're doing there, clever costume designer. Olivia asks if Francis is upset about how she tried to suck his face off last week, and he replies that he appreciates her "honesty" and could use more of that from some other people in his life whose names rhyme with "Cherry." Olivia simpers that he can be sure of her, and she wants only him. Francis almost goes cross-eyed.

Everyone at court trots out to the front yard to wait for Henry. Olivia walks with Evil Anne, who's wearing her best I Hate My Cheating Bastard Husband fur and her company tiara. In front of the fakest background I've seen outside of a cut-rate 1954 MGM musical, Evil Anne bitches about how Olivia is taking her sweet damn time seducing Francis into marriage and snarks that it should be a cinch for "a girl like you to get a man into bed." "His feelings are with Mary," Olivia protests, and Evil Anne poisonously snaps that if Olivia wants to fix her reputation with a wedding and children so people will stop calling her a whore behind her back, she needs to get on the stick, literally. "Feelings, honestly," Evil Anne scoffs. I'mma need a GIF of that.

Mary and her ladies plod sullenly toward the water, Mary invites Kenna to join the. (Although Mary isn't in the shot, she's walking a few paces ahead of them, as we'll see in a minute, and it's framed incredibly weirdly. God, this show is so damn cheap). Kenna's still wearing her I Fucked the King necklace. Greer sweetly asks for whom Kenna has dressed to impress -- as though everyone in court doesn't devote every waking moment and every decision they make to trying to impress the king. Mary, who was in front of them, overrides Greer, saying Kenna's just as lovely as ever, then pulls her up to walk ahead of the other three.

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