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Over in the woods, The Stooges unhappily learn that a charity running event is scheduled during their stakeout, which puts scores of joggers in danger. JBL offers to hold up the runners while Sam and Ben take care of Scrim. So they take their motion detectors into the woods, and he concocts some nonsense reason should forego running and actually hug trees. It makes little sense to them, but plot requires they hug, so they hug.

Moments later, a contagion of motion detectors flare up as Sam and Ben unload paint ball guns into the void, trying to pin down Scrim's location. They do okay until they realize that JBL has the vessel. Scrim overtakes Sam, and Ben tries to fend him off as they tussle. JBL finally arrives, tosses Sam the vessel, and it's so long, Scrim. The Stooges fire a three-gun victory salute.

Back at The Bench, the cameras are magically re-installed. Andi gives Sam props for successfully foiling Tedager, then jumps into the dreaded conversation about B-babe. Oh Reaper, Awkward be thy name. Andi cuts to the chase and warns Sam to be careful.

He heads home quickly before meeting up with B-babe, only to find WiseGuy on his couch. WiseGuy asks if there's "trouble in Paradise." Sam caves and admits that he suspects B-babe might be Satan spawn, which WiseGuy denies. Then he conveniently slips Sam the eyeglasses in case he ever needs "to see somebody's true colors." Nope, no agenda here. None at all.

Sam heads into the coffee shop to meet B-babe. He puts on the glasses but doesn't see any Devil's Advocate-style demon snarl on her face, so his fears are assuaged. He starts to apologize, but B-babe isn't having it. She calls him out for being distant and says she's going to see her mom in New Mexico to think about things.

Sam returns to the apartment, where JBL and Ben are playing video games and discussing the delicious crab dip that The Gays Next Door gave them. (It must be noted that The Stooges have a sweet dartboard with Tedager's picture on it.) Sam wonders where his shirts are, and Ben explains that Steve and Tony took them to be laundered. Sam wonders if it's weird that they've replaced their parents with Jennifer Has Two Daddies, but JBL insists it's just genius strategery.

So, Sam heads out to retrieve his shirts. As all good neighbors do, he walks in completely unannounced. He tries to call out to them, but they can't hear him over the buzzing electrical buffers. He follows the sound and ends up spying on them buffing down horns on their heads in the bathroom. Startled, Sam heads back to tell JBL and Ben that The Gays Next Door are actually demons. Cue double spit take.

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