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Back at The Bench, The Stooges have purloined several cartloads of stuff to ensnare Scrim. Tedager calls Sam to help him install the new security cameras. Because they're so effective. Sam perches on a chair to fix the camera, then suddenly drops from the perch into a kindergarten classroom where WiseGuy awaits. They argue semantics over whether WiseGuy really told Sam about Scrim's invisibility. Sam insists he needs something to work with, so WiseGuy gives him some eyeglasses that will help him "see the true face of evil," then smirks that Sam really does need him after all. Sam defiantly hands them back -- a monumentally stupid gesture, of course. Sam needs him because WiseGuy sets Sam up to fail every time. But, as we know, Sam learns nothing. (On another note, something tells me these glasses will reappear in regard to B-babe.)

The school bell rings, and we're back at The Bench. B-babe creeps up on Andi, who is stocking candy (because it's still Valentine's Day in Reaperville). Andi tries to direct her to Sam, but B-babe says she actually wants to speak with Andi. B-babe asks what's going on with Sam; she says he's been distant, and she thinks it has to do with Andi. Andi tries to assure B-babe there's nothing going on, but it's not an easy sell.

Over at the new apartment, The Stooges head for dinner with The Gays Next Door. In what I can only imagine is an attempt to fit in, JBL is wearing an argyle sweater. Undercutting this effort, however, is his decision to bring along that classiest of dinner drinks, a cheap six-pack. Yeah, he's definitely not gay. He insists they stop talking about demons so he can enjoy his gourmet mac 'n' cheese. Before Steve and Tony open the door, Sam wonders why they're hearing power tools inside. We also learn that the argyle sweater was actually a purchase JBL made on a shopping excursion with The Gays.

Steve and Tony welcome The Stooges inside. JBL immediately zeroes in on the bar, while Sam and Ben bumble about. Steve begins the bromantic seduction with pancetta-wrapped shrimp, which Sam promptly spills on his shirt. He and Steve head into the kitchen to clean it up, and Steve reveals that he works in security. Consequently, his and Tony's house is decked out with top-of-the-line gadgets, including cameras and motion detectors. This sets off a light bulb over Sam's head re: Scrim.

After dinner, The Stooges return to The Bench. Changing from cardigans to camo coveralls, they gear up to take down Scrim. Shortly after, Tedager walks in to discover all his security cameras have been stolen. Irony at its schlubby best. Andi takes the opportunity to mock Tedager to his face. He is not amused.

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