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Later, at the apartment, Sam considers breaking up with B-babe. JBL interrupts this metaphysical dilemma by unveiling the kind of way-too-complicated video gaming system that inhabits every bachelor pad. Inevitably, the game short-circuits before they even start playing. They decide to get help from their neighbors. Is electronics repair the "cup of sugar" of the new millennium?

Turns out, their neighbors are two guys named Steve and Tony -- Michael Ian "I Love The [Insert Decade Here]" Black and Ken "I Banged Joey Potter" Marino, respectively. (Yay for The State!) Before you can say "homo-paranoia," JBL realizes God must have misheard his prayer to live near The Girls Next Door and has instead given him The Gays Next Door. They're super-nice and invite The Stooges in, but JBL Freudian slips, "No thanks, we're straight."

Sam recovers that fumble, and The Gays Next Door head over to The Stooges' place to fix the game system and tsk-tsk at the bare refrigerator. Steve invites The Stooges over for some gourmet mac 'n' cheese the next night. JBL agrees to the man date, and bromance blooms. As The Stooges head out to hunt the hunter, JBL says that, even though he's not gay, he may be falling in love with Steve and Tony.

Once in the park, their desire to find Scrim somehow ends with Ben being hoisted into a redwood tree. With his propensity for injury, I'm betting this doesn't end well. And he falls. It's a fortunate fall, though -- he uncovers a jogger's corpse buried in some leaves as he scrambles to get up. Back at The Bench, JBL tends to Ben's wounds, and Sam decides that Scrim they should lure Scrim by dressing as joggers. So simple, yet so stupid.

Back in the woods, about 90 seconds into their run, JBL starts to huff and puff like Big Easy in The Gauntlet III. Fortunately, The Stooges are much more charitable than psychotic CT, so they actually take a break. They start running again, but their riveting conversation (Which female super hero is more doable?) is interrupted by a piercing scream.

They discover a girl with a broken neck, Scrim's latest victim. Bullet in hand, they look around warily. Sam realizes too late that this is a trap, and suddenly JBL is whisked up in a trap and strung up by his ankle. Sam tells Scrim to come out, and so he does. Only he's one of those aqueous, invisible demons that they can't see until he is holding Sam up by the neck. JBL grabs the vessel, but he doesn't know how to work it. The struggle is interrupted by a pack of barking dogs that force Scrim to skedaddle.

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