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Back at 667, Sam's parents are hesitant about his decision. Sam convinces them it'll be a learning experience and an important first step toward independence. And yet, not two seconds after his parents approve, JBL and Sam totally undermine their confidence by turning on the blender without putting on the lid. Cue milkshake explosion. Does anyone who isn't a six-year-old named Rudy Huxtable even do that anymore?

Sam heads upstairs to pack, and WiseGuy steps out of the walk-in closet and startles him. He asks whether Sam is finally moving out. Sam retorts that WiseGuy is "finally coming out of the closet." WiseGuy throws the snark back at him, rendering it unfunny in about a second and a half. That's just how he rolls. Sam, seeing he's been checked, tells WiseGuy cuts to the chase.

So he transports them to a playground to mock Sam's new "big boy" status. Sam gets testy at this mocking, so WiseGuy give him the details. Herbert Scrim was a Unabomber-style serial killer who lived as a hermit in the woods. Scrim used to hunt and kill anyone who trespassed on his property, which has now been converted to a city park, all the better for hunting hapless nature-lovers. WiseGuy points Sam in Scrim's direction and tells Sam to be careful, but refuses him more help, saying big boys should be able to handle things on their own.

The next day, Andi and Josie stop by The Stooges' new apartment to bring housewarming gifts. Once Ben settles the important matter of whether he should decorate with an R2D2 poster or a Princess Leia one (Leia takes it for bone-ability), the conversation moves on, and Sam admits that he hasn't yet told B-babe he moved. Apropos of that, Josie and Andi sashay into the bar talking about Andi's last encounter with B-babe, when B-babe basically threatened to slash Andi's tires. Josie says Andi owes it Sam to tell him his girlfriend's a psychopath. But Andi has tires on the line, and those things are not cheap. She claims she doesn't want to come off as jealous, but Josie's all, "Yeah, but you are."

Back at the new place, The Stooges watching a news report Scrim. JBL finds WiseGuy's housewarming gift -- the vessel. They open it up, and it's The Bullet. No, not the vibrator (as Ben hopes), but the food processor. JBL is way too jazzed about it. Sam opens it up to check it out, and a flying blade zips around the room. They can be culinary ninjas! In four different speeds!

The next day at The Bench, B-babe stops by as Sam Windexes some glass doors. She tells him she found out about the move…from his parents. Ouch. She asks if everything's okay, and he says yes. Because he's a coward. Spotting the cameras, she asks if they should give Tedager something to watch. As they make out, a glass door behind them shatters. Sam mumbles something about cleaning up the mess and blows B-babe's dinner invitation off, saying he'll call her.

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