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We open on the Work Bench at night. Homeless JBL exploits the facilities à la Career Opportunities. There's even a shower scene. To which I say, Where's Mrs. Bates when you need her? He wakes up the next morning and calls Sam, who's getting dressed as Beelzebabe snores like Cerberus in his bed. She gets up, and they head to join The Stooges for some bowling. Sam tells B-babe she's the first girl to infiltrate the bowling circle. God, they really are losers.

We see the bowling alley exterior, and the sign actually says "Bowling Health Club." I guess barbecue is the equivalent of Vitamin Water in this town. Inside, Sam and B-babe mock JBL and Ben's bowling costumes, which look not unlike the wardrobe of an extra from Swingers. JBL doesn't care, though; he's got a badass skull bowling ball and an sure-fire strike. B-babe cradles and tosses her ball like a five-year-old. Still, she manages some strikes -- until the ball rolls into the gutter. She indiscreetly issues a potent death stare that steers it back into the strike zone. Sam looks on, concerned.

At The Bench the next morning, Sam expresses his trepidation about B-babe's demonic attributes. Ben and JBL try to assuage his fears -- which has nothing to do with that time she showed them her boobs, I'm sure. JBL lays it down -- despite all her…ummm…quirks, Cady is actually interested in Sam. "What else do you want?" he asks. Then they run into Andi, and she and Sam flirt as they head to a staff meeting. Ben aptly responds, "Or did you mean who else does he want?"

In the meeting, Tedager briefs the staff that he suspects shoplifting at The Bench. He plans to outfit the store with security cameras to squelch the sticky fingers. Afterward, The Stooges go to check out JBL's new apartment, and he nonchalantly grabs a pack of chips for the road. Ben reminds him that Tedager warned them about this kind of thing less than five seconds ago, but JBL rationalizes that "It's not stealing if it's your own house." Because that worked out so well last time, Gnarly Chaplin.

The Stooges head into a posh apartment that is clearly out of JBL's financial league. JBL spills the beans that he forged their names on the lease, and they're his new roomies. Surprise! Sam is reluctant -- with his troubled history of contracts signed for him by other people -- but JBL convinces him by comparing Sam and himself to Batman and Robin. In this scenario, Ben is Alfred. Ha.

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