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Secrets and Lies/Rebellion

We open at the hospital as a doctor evaluates a concussed Andi. He asks if she has had any hallucinations. This trips her up since she's been systematically lied to by her would-be boyfriend about the things she sees. The good doc says these mirages are standard with head trauma, gives her some pills, and sends her on her merry way. As he walks out, he pauses, stoops down, and picks up a piece of paper with a troubled expression, saying, "Nobody likes a litterbug." If this were Buffy, that would be an auspice of demonic activity. Does Reaper hold up to that gold standard?

Nope. The doc encounters The Stooges, and we discover that he's no doctor at all, but rather a janitor The Stooges hired to forestall Andi's suspicions. And the so-called "brain pills"? Peppermint Tic Tacs. JBL says that peppermint "is for jerks." So I assume it's his favorite flavor. That business dispensed of, the "doctor" heads off to clean the men's room. And there goes my demon theory. Years of Buffy devotion down the drain! No pun intended.

We move to The Stooges apartment. A deliveryman drops off a case of international beers. Apparently they've been getting all sorts of free stuff from the previous owner, who never changed the address details on his/her "Things The Stooges Can Swipe of the Month Club," which includes the aforementioned beers, various exotic fruits, and some other highbrow goods. Before indulging in the complimentary ales, Sam heads to the little boys' room, where the toilet is smoking. He seems unfazed. I guess that's part of everyday life with JBL. He lifts the lid and is whooshed into a cloud of bus fumes in a nearby neighborhood.

Of course, WiseGuy is there. He's jonesing for a banana split and invites Sam for some ice cream socializing. Sam would rather just get to business. Without further ado, WiseGuy tells Sam about Cubby Bryce, an ambulance-chasing lawyer, who took his clients for every penny. Now he's back again to bleed people dry, literally. Also, the bus stop bench they're sitting on happens to be an ad with a headshot of Bryce. With that, WiseGuy vanishes, and Sam's stuck to fend for himself in the wild world of Seattle mass transit.

Back at The Bench. Andi walks in with Josie, and Sam welcomes her back with the most awkward "Are we kissing or hugging?" greeting ever. It's maybe the awesomest moment in the show's history, rivaled only by JBL's "Baby Mama" rap . Josie points out the awkwardness and promises to pick Andi up after work. Andi starts to a ramble about clarity, but it's a good ramble because her head trauma made her realize that she and Sam have been wasting time with the whole "Will they, won't they?" shtick. She sets up a date for Saturday night. One might be hopeful for this forward movement in plot and character, if it weren't dreadfully obvious that Sam's reap-sponsibilities are inevitably going to eff everything usual. I don't make up the rules, people.

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